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  1. Yes I certainly don't intend to let it get that far.If they can legally enforce the debt then I am intending to offer reduced monthly repayments but I would do this before it gets to the ccj stage as I dont want any more stress.
  2. Thanks Andy.Yes I have done this and sent one request for each catalogue and have retained my proof of postage.I believe it may now have gone over the 12 plus two days time now,however I am not sure how they can now legally proceed?The debt was taken out less than two years ago I think and so is post 2007.
  3. Many thanks for your prompt reply.I will look at my paperwork to determine the exact amounts I owe each catalogue.That is interesting to know that the threshold increases to 5k from October.Does this mean that if the combined amounts of each catalogue do not exceed 5k then they cannot bankrupt me or is it calculated on a per catalogue basis ie each one treated as a seperate debt? If they cannot bankrupt me then could they put a charge on my property and perhaps force me to sell to pay the debt? Many thanks.
  4. I recently wrote to Lowells sending a CCA request following notification that they had purchased several catalogue debts from 'Shop Direct' which I had to stop paying a few months ago. The debts to each catalogue are of varying amounts from about £1500 to about £3,000 from memory. They have responded today saying that they have requested a copy of the original agreement but had sent me a letter of assignment which they claim fulfils their legal obligations. I would like to ask whether they are legally obliged to send me the original credit agreement and what further
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