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  1. Update on the letter received.. now i have gone through it properly it says a 'letter of claim details' then runs through debt details etc what do i advise her to agree to or not and sign etc? It does say 'date of assignment 19/12/16' but she has no notice not to say it wasn't sent she isn't the best with getting issues sorted out.. ..what would be the best way to go from here offer £5 a month or dispute it? They state if she doesn't contact them they may issue court proceedings so even disputing would or could stop it? any help apreciated. The link above is the form she has been issued.
  2. I'm tryin to help the mother in law with her debts. .today she received a letter from 'Mortimer Clarke Solicitors' advising they are working on behalf of 'Cabot' allthough i believe mortimer clarke are part of cabot? They are saying if she doesn't contact them within 30days they have been instructed to apply to the court for a ccj, The account was assigned to cabot in 12/2016 and started in 08/2013 its a catalogue debt. They enclose a questionaire type form with do i owe the debt ,i agree i owe the debt, i don't agree etc the form goes like that etc and a expenditure form they want her to tick the relevant box and sign it which i said no... .would it be right to contact them and ask for the signed contract if one exists. .statements...notice of assigment etc.... would this then seeing as contact has been made the ccj threat put on hold for now? She is on the basic benefit so got nothing ...the address is her friends house not her own address ...shes divorced but stays at her friends house and used that address but don't know how cabot have it.. ..obviously she doen't want a ccj going there so what's the best way to procede.
  3. I asked the question on amount payable because i emailed them and got a reply back asking how much i wish to pay each month, With not having anything saying or agreeing to any amount from 1st direct didn't know whether the original amount was still standing. Many thanks for all help offered.
  4. do i keep the payment the same as per the previous court order...
  5. we have an update, Today another letter arrives from 'Lester Aldridge' headed NOTICE OF ACTING.. advising they're acting on behalf of their client 1st credit, Their client has now been substituted in the proceedings and to find a copy of the sealed court order, It then goes on to say Lester Aldridge have been instructed to act on on behalf of the judgement crditor in this claim and to accept this letter as formal notice of acting in these proceedings. Can anybody explain what that means please. It then goes on to say how i can pay the new creditor etc. Ref the court order theres no headed paper from the court just a stamp with 'HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE/3RD FEB/ENTERED/CHANCERY CHAMBERS' and the crown Under the order section basically says GLOBAL SUBSTITUTION ORDER IN THE HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE CHANCERY DIVISION 1st credit to be substituted from Amigo loans The applicant shall serve this order or a true copy thereof to the defendant and deliver the same to the individual court in all proceedings listed in the schedule hereof no ammendment of statements of case or other documents whether filed or served in the proceedings listed in the schedule hereto is required then says the court has made an order without a hearing if i object to make a application to the relevant county court...in which the proceedings are pending to have it set aside,varied or stayed and do it within 7 days of recieveing it can anybody help with translating this please ans what to do next.
  6. Reads very odd. ..Amigo have been paid as per the court order every month since issued, Every receipt has been kept, The contracted agreement payment went out the window when Amigo took out the ccj, Last week 1st credit sent another letter advising they got the 'notice of assignment' date incorrect hence sending another letter which when held side by side with the first letter issued by 1st credit and it read exactly the same, I do feel it was sent to give a gentle reminder to call them to arrange payment because i never they seem to have upped the pressure by sending a solicitors letter hoping this will have the desired effect to push me into calling 1st credit and arrange payment with no updated court papers issued in 1st credits name. The payment date set by the court to pay Amigo was the 10th of every month and have not paid this month, I'll see what happens this week and if any baliffs turn up i'll show them what i have and no current upto date court papers to pay 1st credit and Amigo have said on paper not to pay them. In fairness anybody can send me a letter saying to pay them.
  7. Please find letter as requested. convert-jpg-to.pdf
  8. Would you sit tight and await paperwork? Based on the origonal being to pay Amigo, Untill/if i get a name of change from the court pay nothing.
  9. Received a letter today from Lester Aldridge solicitors who are acting on behalf of 1st credit, They advise they have been instructed by 1st credit to apply to the court to get the original ccj altered into 1st credits name and to ring 1st credit to pay etc.... Why not just do it and send me the change of paperwork.. .untill i recieve it would you still hold of paying? The letter just seems worded the same as 1st credits but with a solictors header on it...
  10. Update, I called the court in question ref the CCJ, They said it wasn't live on their system and under the payee name of Amigo not the company it's been sold to, Advised they can (Amigo)sell it on but wouldn't advise any further, I said to the court in theory the new purchaser if they want paying should be taking this back to court to get their name put on the claim told yes thats right so going to sit tight and see what happens, Read the claim form from the court and it says to pay the company on the claim form only so untill i genuine paperwork advising of anything other then that's what i'm doing, The paperwork from the new debt collection agency says to call them within 30days to arrange payment. .as far as i see it payment was agreed and set by the court to Amigo, Upon Amigo selling it they relinquished the right to collect it, The new debt collector untill or if they ever do go back to court to change the payee's name is getting nothing and if they want payment then they can do the donkey work i'm not calling them.
  11. Ah right, they were due to be paid on the 10th of jan, so do i sit tight and see if 1st credit issue court paperwork for change of payee? Chances are they will issue letters saying this and that but as stated one ccj can be only issued ans Amigo have relinquished any enforcement rights as it stands untill/if 1st credit get court paperwork advising to pay them then and only then pay 1st credit the £50 as the court stated.
  12. Just looked at the paperwork and Amigos letter states 'because you never paid the contractual agreed payments' thats why its been sold, But after the ccj issued its been paid every moth as set by the court, On 1st credits letter it says i have 30 days to contact them to speak to them about the arrangement, i have no details of how to pay first credit just the paper the letters issued on and nothing else, One thing i did notice was down the edge of the paperwork the markings and numbers are the same all be it one digit how can two pieces of paper be off the same computer yet from different companys and both in the same envelope?
  13. Would 1st credit not have to get the original ccj altered to pay them before i start sending them money so the court agree to it being changed from Amigo to 1st credit or are they trying to get me to pay without going to court and getting the paperwork changed?
  14. Yes payments paid every month since ccj issued so baffled why its been sold. It does say i havent been paying the agreed amount but i can only assume Amigo are on about the original monthly payment before the ccj was issued which clearly says £50 per month untill paid so yes payment as set by the court has been paid to amigo each month.
  15. Amigo are named for the ccj £4500 roughly still owed at £50 per month I did advise amigo i couldnt keep up the repayments but they would not reduce ayment, fee wise never seen anything showing added fees prior to ccj being issued, The paperwork says pay amigo but letter from amigo says dont pay them so what do you do?
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