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  1. UCI a part of Santander. They responded to Experian to say their information was correct so I have sent them a letter by signed for post asking for the signed agreement. Under the standard CCA letter they have 12 working days to respond. As it's a UK Credit report it should be bound by UK Law.
  2. Thanks for replying I've just spoken to them and they are going to contact the Bank on my behalf to request the signed Authority by me. I don't think I ever gave them any such Authority. And if they provide anything I'm sure it will be a forgery.
  3. I lived in Spain until 2008 and had 2 investment properties being rented out. When the market Crashed in 2008 I abandoned them and moved to Thailand. I've been back in the UK for 2 years and have good Credit with a Bank Credit Card and 2 arranged Overdrafts all well serviced. I applied for a lease car this week and was turned down for Credit. So I re-registered for CreditExpert and low and behold the Spanish Bank has issued a default for these properties. But the Default was issued in Dec 2012 a full 4 and a bit years since I stopped paying the Mortgages. Firstly I didn't t
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