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  1. Once I defaulted, I ignored the phone calls etc. but wrote to them explaining my financial situation in a letter and made the offer of £5/ month standing order as a 'goodwill' gesture suggested by dx on here which I set up couple of months ago mate. I also stated I wouldn't take phone calls etc. and would only correspond in writing on the matter but they seemed to ignore me on that point. I've not received any sort of income/ outgoings form and to be honest, I feel that's none of their business.
  2. Had my first letter from this Fredrickson's today.after some months of phone calls (ignored) and letters from Cougar on behalf of Cap1. I pay a Standing order to Cap1 at £5 a month at the moment and being on JSA, I think that's fair enough considering my current situation. Best of luck if they think they can get anymore out of me currently.
  3. Thanks for the advice mate. Like I said, I started to get into financial difficulty about a year ago but the debt has built up over about 18 months all in. I have paid a few £20 payments last year as and when I could afford it which has reduced it a little. I will photocopy the slips and make nominal payments as and when I can afford to, to show willing. I will also contact the guy at CAB regarding this 'scheme' I was lead to believe that I would be put on, whether they will put it in writing is another thing though.
  4. Hi mate. I just checked and they are 'Bank Giro credit' slips that I can use over the bank counter or paypoint etc. I was thinking earlier of just using them to pay the nominal £10 but having checked the letter I received recently, it says this 'plan' has been cancelled?
  5. Hi all. I got into financial difficulties over a year ago. I'm on JSA and have no other income like pension etc. I got behind with my water payments and the debt currently stands at around £1000 - my local water company is one of the most expensive in the country I believe. I went to CAB a few months ago and filled out the relevant paperwork and showed proof of incoming money etc. I was then told the water company would send me payment slips to pay £13 a month for a few months then it would be under review. However, just before christmas the water co sent my some payment slips of £260 each, payable each month for the next 4 months. I contacted the guy at cab about this and he said he wasn't aware of any of that and maybe the water co are still processing my 'claim' under this 'water care' scheme that have for people on a low income. I left it until I then received the same sort of thing again from the water company, 4 payment slips for this £260 a month for 4 months. I waited until now thinking they were sorting out this other scheme of £13 a month but they've now written to me saying it will go to court. I will contact them tomorrow anyway, but I just wondered is there any way I can make a realistic 'offer' of some amount to avoid court? A bit like a token payment to a credit card company? In all honesty, I'm financially stretched as it is so it would be a tenner at the most and that would be a struggle to be honest. I'd appreciate any advice here before I contact them if possible as I don't want to feel they have me over a barrel so to speak and I have to abide by their terms or it's court. I want to pay, but I also want to be realistic in what I can afford at the moment. Thanks for any advice, appreciated as always.
  6. Thanks dx. I simply can't afford to pay them anymore than I'm currently paying in light of my finances at the moment so they can't get blood out of a stone I think. I also have an issue with the local water company now as the guy at C.A.B said that I would be put on a payment plan of £13 a month with a review in a few months but it turns out the water company want £260 a month off me for the next 4 months to recover my debt and there is no way I can afford anything like that amount being on JSA! They've also wrote to me the weekend saying they are going to take me to court unless I pay this amount. I'll give them a ring tomorrow about it. The only 'assets' I have are a tatty old PC and a faulty television which wouldn't cover even 10% of the water debt so I don't see court as being a good idea for anyone really.
  7. Hi all. Well, I wrote to cap1 explaining my only income is JSA and have very limited money left to pay them and made the offer of £5 a month standing order with a possible review in 6 months. They wrote to me and basically ignored my letter and that I should call Cougar which I haven't. I set up a standing order to cap1 as advised here, the first payment went out on the 5th december and the next 5th january. Apart from a few (ignored) calls from Cougar, it's been pretty quiet. Today though, I've received a letter from Cap1 saying that they have instructed Fredrickson International to act on their behalf regarding this debt. They also say if I have a standing order etc. to cap1 (which I have) then I should cancel this and set up a payment plan with this Fredrickson outfit? I assume as this fredrickson are acting on cap1 behalf, the debt is still cap1? Will I have to cancel my standing order, or just leave things the way they are? Thanks for any input.
  8. Thanks. I will set up the S.O Friday when I get my JSA. I've also had to order some ink cartridges as mine have now run out. When I get them, I'm looking at sending them (capital one and not Cougar) a letter along these lines: I am currently experiencing financial difficulties and I am unable to meet my normal monthly repayments. My only income currently is Job Seekers Allowance. I have no assets, savings or pension and live in private rented accommodation. Once I have paid for my basic outgoings I have very little finances left but to show my goodwill, I am willing to pay £5 a month, with a review after 6 months. If my situation changes within that time, I will of course inform you of this. I would appreciate in turn that you refrain from levying any penalty charges or interest on my debt. I consider this to be a fair and realistic amount that I can currently afford to pay and in making this offer, it is in line with all the guidelines and codes issued by the relevant bodies and authorities that govern you and the way you conduct yourselves in your assistance during my current financial difficulties. Furthermore, can you also take note that I will only deal with this issue in writing and will not deal with any other form of contact regarding this matter, including phone calls.
  9. Hi DX, I've had problems paying the water bill for past 18 months or so. I believe I have a discount as a single occupier but they couldn't fit a meter which could possibly have helped reduce the bill as the property is a converted house into two flats and no where suitable for the meter. Hopefully, the CAB will suggest something on this debt. Regarding paying cap1 a S.O of £5, do I use the account details (sort code and an account number) on my statement slips which show as HSBC Bank plc, Head office collection account, capital one? Many thanks for your help.
  10. Thank you for your response BB, makes me feel much better as I had started to worry a little. I can find their bank account details on their monthly statements?
  11. Hi Sorry I haven't replied earlier. I took out the cap1 card in early 2007. I recall opting out of ppi as I didn't see the need for it at the time. I've managed to keep the card running fine with required payments until this August when the struggle for the minimum payment was too much. Up to £80+ a month minimum payment. I'm out of work currently and only receive J.S.A, I was hoping I would perhaps get a job but that hasn't happened, at the end of October just gone, I'd had 3 months of no payments made and received a letter that I've defaulted on the account and it's now closed with total due just over £2000 (Limit was £1800). Cap1 said they had passed the debt to cougar finance who have sent me a number of letters to contact them etc. The reason I haven't is that I went to Citizens Advice a few weeks ago for advice on this as well as a accruing debt struggle with my water bills (I had written to cap1 using the 'please freeze all charges etc. for 28 days' letter but they sent a reply saying sorry, it's now with Cougar and to deal with them) The CAB said regarding the cap1 debt is write to them and offer them a token payment. As for my water company debt (just over £1000), that is still with CAB to help with as they have many people struggling with water debt so I'm in a 'Queue' on that. They do have my water account number and hopefully they will contact the water company and negotiate a payment plan on my behalf soon and let me know what's happening. There is also a possibility under what's called the Freshstart scheme that the water company do, they may well write off some of my debt but until it's dealt with by CAB, I'm not sure what will transpire. I haven't contacted this Cougar company yet as I was hoping to get some idea of how much this water payment/ repayment plan will be so would have a better overall idea of my outgoings with this factored in. Either way, I know I am going to be down very little in the way of money to offer Cap1/ Cougar as I have other outgoings to pay as well as the day to day costs of food/ electric etc. I received a letter from Cougar the other day saying if I don't contact them, they will pass the debt back to Cap1 who would probably sell it on etc. Should I wait till it's back with cap1? Also, I have a catalogue which I use very rarely for emergencies (maybe once a year for low cost items) and the amount I pay on that is less than £20 a month. I would like to keep this account open as I've had no problems with it to date and have kept my payments up. If I get to do a budget sheet for cap1/ Cougar, would they look at this outgoing for catalogue as something I should reduce - as in then bringing myself into a debt problem with the catalogue company (which I don't want to do obviously) or would that be seen to be unfair of cap1 on the catalogue company and it's not something I would be obliged to do? my finances are extremely limited and until/ unless I get a job, they aren't going to get much better for the foreseeable future at the least and I would very much rather I don't make more problems by upsetting the catalogue company and start getting hassle (meaning stress!) from them. I've checked my credit reference agency report and the 3 monthly non payments and final default are on there Thanks for reading, I hope I've put things across ok..
  12. Hello all. Firstly, I'm very thankful for having access to such a great and informative forum as this. I have done quite a bit of reading threads here previously to joining and I'm learning all the time. I will continue to peruse threads and glean info from them and probably post my own situation regarding a debt I now have with Capital one who, due to a notice of default on account, have passed this debt on to Cougar Financial Services, names which seem to be well known on here. I've gained the general gist of how to deal with this issue, but will post my personal situation and hopefully, get a more precise approach of how to deal with it as I could do with some clarity on that. Once again, many thanks to all mods and members here for being a very helpful bunch.
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