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  1. Do the same rules apply for clamping a vehicle if it it registered in the debtors name on the logbook but not owned by them and has a disabled taxation class (free car tax)....and not with the motorbility scheme..but used / driven for the requirements of an elderly disabled relative who resides at a different address to where the car is normally kept...any comments on this please greatly appreciated
  2. tesco has now said that if my son chooses not to purchase top up miles then the.policy will be cancelled once 6000 miles are reached....This is my sons 1st policy and he is fast approaching 5000 miles already and still has another 5th left until renewal is due meaning that he won't get any NCB and have wasted 7 months with tesco box insurance ....
  3. My son took out tesco box insurance 6 months ago and pays monthly. He originally stated his annual mileage as 6000. Due to a change in his circumstances he needs to increase his annual mileage as he has moved to a new area and has had a change in his shift pattern that requires daily travel to snd from his place of work when previously he had a lift with another person in their car. He contacted tesco and explained he needed to increase his mileage and was told that he would have to purchase top up miles costing £125 for a 1000 miles......is this correct ??? please advise
  4. tesco are not the only insurance company that cancel policies regarding proof of NCB and then fail to inform the customer... .. SWINTON did this to me also
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