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  1. Hi, I thought i had heard the last of this when we stopped getting letters regarding demands for £50..... Well, we have started getting letters again, 2 years later!!! this time from Capital Resolve, we got two letters in quick succession, one demanding settlement is done ASAP, then a week later another one asking for a reduced amount of £25. and them stating that failing to pay could include Litigation Proceedings against my son. It is once again beginning to affect everyone concerned, i wont pay as i don't think it will 'resolve' the problem.
  2. That is my intention, i.e. NOT TO PAY, as he a cannot pay anyway! if the worst happens and it does go to court i will have to get him a lawyer and go the whole hog, this has really got my back up. If anyone knows of any good legal firm that will act on his behalf knowing he does not earn amy money that would be good.
  3. BTW - the letter from Scotcall states the creditor as being TK Maxx so does that mean the store is still persuing it? or is it just another way RLP are attempting to show the store has an interest? The letter is dated 18th June and we only got it today, and they say it has to be paid within 7 days from the date of the letter! they don't make it easy! my son is not working or earning any money so how do they expect him to pay! so sounds like he will have to get into debt to pay it!
  4. so, the latest is, they 'RLP' i guess have passed this mater onto someone else, looks like a company called ScotCall as we are now getting a demand for payment within 7 days or else it could result in court action etc.. . This is upsetting everyone and we feel there is no other option. as its affecting everyone in a negative way.
  5. Hi to ALL, Well, the long awaited time has come round and as promised RLP have sent my son a letter 2 days after his birthday , asking him to settle the matter of paying the £50 fine they have been asking for way back since August last year i think, i thought the letters would stop, but they still keep coming. So, when does this all stop? i get the feeling they will just keep carrying on or get more serious or something. Its really affecting my sons confidence and he is really worried someone will come knocking on the door. Anyway, i hope for hi
  6. Thanks for all your replies, i will keep posting any updates i get.
  7. Thanks dx100uk, As requested, please find attached letters from RLP.
  8. i think filing is a good idea, along with all the others, but is taking legal advice wise? he is 17 and soon to be 18, will he be able to get legal advice at 17 or is it me as his parent that has to get advice? at the end of the day if this letter is deemed a threat and i can use it against them, i will wait till they decide if it goes to court or not. Judging by some replies they are just trying to force him into a corner and pay-up. Question is can they legally wait until he is 18 and then pursue him for this incident, if so, does it make
  9. Seems like its getting more serious if i start to think that we need to take legal advise, can my son get legal advice if he is 17? or would it be me as his parent getting legal advice? i would like to think they are just scare mongering him into submission and pay-up. If legal advice is the way to go, i would prefer we did it before he turns 18 in a few months. If this is just part of the scare tac-tics i will just file the letters away from him and if it comes to anything like going to court I will have them as evidence.
  10. The letters are getting really worrying now, if i was 17 years old again, i think i would have committed suicide by now, SORRy but thats how i feel after reading the letter they set to my son. they sent a letter reducing the amount down from £50 to £25 and that would be the end of the matter, because I decided not to pay it for him they sent another letter stating that offer is now withdrawn, and they will be waiting till he is 18 years old and will take matters further once he is of the right age to take him to court, without having to use an intermediary as
  11. Thanks, for all the replies, will wait and see what comes of their letter writing. All this was for an item that cost less than £10 which they recovered and there was no loss to the store. the number of letters and time they have wasted trying to get my son to pay them £50 would easily be recovered from the cost they are incurring by writing so many letters. Anyway, lets see what happens next.
  12. Hi, Do i need any figures to quote before i can claim for mis-selling or even proof that she was charged anything above the original loan like payment protection or insurance cover for something she did not need. Whilst i have the letter from MetLife about the transfer from MetLife Europe Insurance Ltd to MetLife Europe Limited, she does not have any of the original paper work or anything that I can reference to Citi Finance. Is this a non-starter? will i just get fobbed off like others on the forum have stated ? and what should go in the letter? Sorry for all the
  13. hi, thanks for the prompt response, the letter states the original loan was made available to her by Associates First Capital Corp, The insurance cover was originally provided by Cumberland Insurance Company Ltd. Does that tell you anything? or provide enough info to follow-up?
  14. My son (who is under 18) admitted to me that he had done something he regrets and questions himself why he did it in the first place! knowing it was wrong … . I have read the letters from RLP that were sent directly to him, and frankly i am disgusted they are allowed to operate the way they do, scaring young kids into parting with cash! and being persistent, is in my opinion un-just. I have told him not to worry and give me all the letters that come in future. I intend NOT to part with any cash and take full responsibility! if thats allowed!. In my
  15. Hi, Has anyone got anywhere with writing to MetLife and asking for a refund! The reason I am asking is that my sister in-law got almost the same letter about 'her future 165 policy' something she never knew she had! and thinking its for something she bought or took a loan for over 20 years ago! (you guessed it, no paperwork, after all these years ) i.e. for a mobile home purchase. i would like to help her get some money back if at all possible as they are struggling as it is, this might be a god send! if anyone can help describe the process and steps I should f
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