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  1. I need advice with regards to Bryan Carter solicitors. Bryan Carter took out a CCJ on 16/09/11 for total amount of £1061.29 and the claimant was with phoenix recoveries (shown on judgement). I receive letter on same date of judgement 16/09/11 saying that phoenix has assigned all rights to arrow global which was effective on 13/05/11 and all future payments to go to fredrickson international limited. I then receive letter 28/09/11 from bryan carter to pay them and now the amount has gone up to £1101.29. At the time I was going through a very bad time so didn't even read the letters properly. I am trying to get it sorted,and have been paying it off, have £500 left to pay. What i am confused about is how can Phoenix be the claimant on judgement when it was arrow who had the debt, I have sent an email last year to fredrickson and never received a reply. Another thing I receive my credit report every month and received an update last week stating that Fredrickson have removed details about themselves from my file, why has that happen, I still have the judgement showing but not saying who it is with? Sorry for all the info but I am very confused with all the above. If anyone can give me advice on the above I would be very grateful . Thank you for reading the post.
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