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  1. thanks for the advice - car is privately owned / no lease or hp i will pay the fee later today once i have funds in place (i will insist on paying via debit card, not cash as requested) westminster council have confirmed the PCN and I do remember receiving it, I could have sworn i paid it. off to my office now where the paperwork is.
  2. Hi. New to the forum - discovered while searching for clampers. Leaving the house this morning i discovered my car was clamped with a sticker on drivers window, attached below [ATTACH=CONFIG]47466[/ATTACH] It relates to a supposed unpaid parking ticket from westminster council. I believe I may have already paid this months ago but I am still looking for the paperwork and online receipt. The ticket is £202 and the bailiff fee is £240, total £442 being demanded in cash. I have not received any paperwork through the letterbox nor did the bailiff make attempt to knock on my door.
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