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  1. When I went in to ask them for proof, the sales advisor was completely unaware of any preinspection checks on the car, it was only when his manager discussed it with him that he said that they would have checks but they aren't on their system. To be honest I wouldn't be suprised if they create a backdated preinspection sheet. They did the MOT for the car the day after the sale so they were obviously just trying to make a quick sale, the advisory section mentions the two tyres and the MOT company said that they only put an advisory on it if its less than manufacturers recommended. But even sti
  2. Thanks for all the advice! Well they've not replaced the tyres yet and I'm hoping they will (if they deem it unfit) , I just think its bad practice to promise if you can't deliver! They've just been such a pain to deal with, I will never buy from Toyota again! The battery went flat the day i drove it off the forecourt, luckily i had stopped outside Halford and had someone from there help me get it running again. The car lights are on auto so I know that I definitely did not leave the lights on. They have changed the battery, but they said that everything was fine at the time of testing m
  3. Thanks for your reply. I have already 'let them have it' unfortunately. The car broke down because the battery went flat, but they've since replaced it whilst blaming me for leaving my lights on, which is impossible. They wont acknowledge how they misrepresented the car to me and continue making it out as if it is my fault that the battery ran flat and that I am being out of order requesting the tyres to be changed. I know having a second hand car you aren't meant to expect a perfect condition but I would expect if you've promised through a preapproved car scheme that you would have ca
  4. Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me. I bought a car three months ago from Toyota, on the day of picking up that car, it broken down and eventually the battery went flat within a month. As a preapproved car they are meant to be fully serviced, have have their preinspection checks and any MOT advisory issues on the MOT to be rectified according to Toyota. Ive asked for the preinspection checks which the garage don't have, and when I went through the servicing documents the car was due for a service the week after I picked up the car, and on the day of receiving the car I foun
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