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  1. i dont know what the named court is. All the letter says is there is a distress warrant for non payment of a magistrates fine and Collectica have been instructed by South East London to execute this warrant.
  2. Actually thinking about it, im not sure which of these 2 events this letter is referring to. How do i find out if this is referring to last year or 2 years ago?
  3. thanks for the reply guys. yes i realize i was too stupid for doing it and my comment 'Obviously I wasn't trying to avoid paying my fare, as I had plenty of money on me at the time…' is dumb too. But i was travelling near peak time to a major station (where in the past i have paid for tickets when i got there(and seen plenty of other people do so)) so i didnt think it would be a problem. I havent moved address but I did have another matter that i thought went away about 2 years ago regarding a similar situation. Long story short, there was some sort of problem with
  4. by the way i am new to this forum so i am not sure if i have posted this in the right section
  5. hi i have just received a letter in the post from collectica demanding i pay £354.10 by 14 days. It was for a unpaid train fine. I believe they are referring to an incident that happened one year ago where i was travelling into london without a ticket as i was running late and boarded the train without one. I didnt think this would be a problem because the station i was travelling is a main one with guys at the gates with ticket machines. Plus i had over £60 cash on me, so i could pay for the ticket there. A ticket inspector told me i couldnt do this and
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