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  1. Thanks for your reply The account was 2010 and then defaulted in 2012 but in between time from what I can remember it was passed to NCR debt collectors? does this make any difference. Dont remember him ever getting a default notice either. What about the changing of the default name?
  2. Hi My son has recently applied for a mortgage and has been turned down due to a default on his file which originally was Shop Direct which then defaulted and was sold to Lowell. The amount was £371 and was paid off in full to Lowell in Oct 2013. It is due to drop off his file in August 18. I am trying to help him get this removed because I have read somewhere that usually if debts like these are passed to Lowell they are in some way unenforceable by the legal route. Can anyone tell me who would I SAR so I can start digging to see if I can find anything and what would I
  3. Hello again, can't quite believe am here again! If you look at my old thread above, I challenged and won before court date £1750 back in admin fees from ge ........ forward 2 years and my account which I have kept in order has been passed to arrow global and to my horror I have realised the charges that they be so kindly refunded by cheque are still on the account. I have contacted arrow who have asked for proof, which I have sent, but I have just received a letter from arrow stating 'thank you for your complaint we will be looking into this ....blah blah' . hmmm seem to
  4. Hello Help and guidance appreciated. Back in August i received a letter from Loans. Co.uk informing me that i had been misold ppi on a loan/ mortgage and that they were investigating and they would be in touch. I then received a letter saying they did owe PPI and that a cheque would follow shortly and they were calculating the figures from Cigna and Stirling( insurance) The figures arrived yesterday and the amount is 1600.00. Which is ok but unfortunately there is no explanation as to what this is based on or how this has been worked out. I had
  5. I have decided to accept the offer - due to the mistakes ive made with missing stuff out etc i dont think its worth the risk. I really wish i had bought the patricia pearl book advertised on here earlier ( only bought it last week) and read through it before starting ( caggers take heed!) it does show though that you can fight these companies and get your money back (maybe all of it if you follow correct procedures!) i want to thank everyone for the help and comments in the meantime.
  6. Thanks andy I have just got home tonite and have had a new offer of 1750 (tomlin order) with a letter saying that because i havent entered any witness evidence - i am now debarred from relying on any evidence at the hearing. What do you think - take it and run? Or try to negotiate - think maybe its a little late in the day as court is next friday? Thanks
  7. Hi All - 6 months on..........................Still battling on with GE money!Hope this will help others.Have a court date set for next Friday 15th August. So far I have had another offer of 1250.00 same as before they never increased it and then a tomlin order with the same offer. I have not replied to these - in hindsight may be I should have tried to get them to up the amount? Anyway too late now.......Last week I recieved a huge ream of paperwork from Optima - GE's defence forms. They have included a witness statement from a member of staff and a copy of the original loan agreement and t
  8. hello everyone I have received e general form of Judgement or order in this mornings post. It states - It is ordered that 1. The claimant shall by 14.00 hours on 17 April 2014 a) File at Court and serve on the Defendant a detailed breakdown of how she calculates the sum of £2276.70 b) File at Court and serve on the Defendant a fully pleaded particulars of claim which shall include the legal and factual basis upon which she claims the charges levied by the Defendant are unlawful or unfair c) File at Court and serve on the Defendant a written statement setting out why the C
  9. Hi not yet - will post next instalment soon as i hear anything
  10. Thanks for that made me feel a bit better and thanks for sorting my thread out!
  11. Hi I am in the middle of trying to reclaim charges from GE money for admin fees. I have followed letters procedure and GE offered me a settlement after much wrangling (WITHOUT PREJUDICE) OF 1250 - THE CLAIM WAS FOR 2200.00. I turned this down. Basically I have made a mess of the claim form - my POC was poor and I didnt add my partners name on the form and GE are all over this and have filed a defence using all of this. I don't feel I am in a very good position. I received my directions questionnaire on Friday sent it back but couldn't pay the allocation fee as the court phone lines w
  12. Ongoing fight with GE Money - Help please? Well I decided against accepting the offer made to me by GE and last week received the defence form from them in the post. As i said earlier - my POC was very poor, I didnt realise that this had to be so comprehensive and the solicitors for GE (Optima) have dived on this and have said in the defence that the POC is not properly particularised or set out in numbered paragraphs and then have continued to rip the claim to shreds basically. I have sent back my directions questionnaire yesterday but couldn't pay the allocation fee as the line was bus
  13. Hi Has anyone anymore advice for me - my partner thinks I should accept the offer as we have missed payments in the past. I am quite scared of the court process thing - wil I have to go? Thanks
  14. 8% for the interest. Used the one that calculated this.
  15. Particulars were as follows This claim is against ge money secured loans for the amount of 2276.70 which has been added to my account unfairly unlawfully and disproportionately in respect of late payment/ administration fees. The charges have been made at 40 per item and have subsequently added considerable arrears to the account. These charges are unfair as they do not accurately reflect the true administrative costs of the company. I would like these charges to be returned to me in full and not reversed historically. The account started in April 2007 - 40 charges of 40.00 - I used the sp
  16. Hello I am new to posting - I would be grateful for any help I have followed the advice on the forum and have filed a county court claim against ge money for unfair fees and charges for the amount of 2300. I have received a reply stating that they think my claim is poorly particularised and wholly without merit and therefore vulnerable to be struck out by the court and have made.me an offer of 1250 and if I refuse this then they are instructing their solicitors to file a formal defence and apply to the court to strike out my claim I am now losing my nerve- can someone help m
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