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  1. I'm new to this site so please bare with me, hopefully I have posted in the right place. On Saturday 26 October I went to PC World/Curry's to purchase an Ipad and 3D TV on their buy now pay later scheme. I was told that as I was purchasing an apple product I could have the 12 months option. As I have used the scheme before with PC World and Creations I thought all would go through without a hitch. I was stunned when I was told that the application had been declined and was given a letter by the salesperson. I promptly telephoned Creation to be told by the person on the phone that it looked like all the information had been entered correctly and I must have been rejected because of something on my credit report and should contact Equifax. I knew that there was no problems with my credit report as my bank gives my access to ID Aware acts the same way as Equifax. I have a high credit score, which they say is in the top 20% of the country and everything on there says either settled or cleared. I registed with Equifax so I could see the information they were holding. Again I had a high credit score and everything they held said excellent or good. I spoke to Equifax who told me the problem must be with the lender. I have emailed Creation again who have told me that the rejection was because of their internal credit scoring, but they won't give me any information as to how they have reached the decision. I am at the stage now of wondering, does an application get rejected from an applicant who has no debt, has never been in arrears with anything, and has always cleared the amounts borrowed from Creation in the past well in advance of the 6 months period. Is it a false promise of buy now pay later, but make sure you don't pay by the due date so we can make some money out of you from charing interest fees? Has anyone else been in this situation and if so how did you resolve it? Can someone five me some advice as to how to get the the bottom of a matter that Creation just won't discuss. I thank you in advance.
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