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  1. And so the saga goes on......... Was due to get a payment today because the sanction was allowed. But because there is 2 sanctions for the same period 13th October to the 17th November. 1 was allowed and the other was not. So there going to pay me nothing even though the lying bleep on the phone said they where. So why is it that 1 was allowed and the other was not. So how can this be. So I ask what was the point in overturning the 1 sanction. Surely if they both cover the same period then it should have been lifted all together. I'm lost and the Job Centre are totally un-helpfull at
  2. Just to let you know, my re-appeal was allowed and they awarded in my favour. What a huge weight lifted. The complaint was sent to there head office. As this is the process they said I need to follow. They are looking at it and will reply in due course. Plus surely the sanction being overturned goes in my favour against them meaning Seetec.
  3. Ok so here is a quick update. Went in on thurs to see the manger to discuss the complaint got the same answer the whole way through/ "It's in black and white. He would also type up all that had been said in this meeting. Guess what a week on nothing. Would also not provide the 3 letters that where sent after the 15th Aug, bearing in mind that's 2 weeks since I missed the first appointment. My guess is they did not even know I had missed the first appointment till the second one was missed. None of these 3 letters state anything about missing any appointments and where simply reengagement lette
  4. My old advisor told me this they have since left. The money that would have paid ie stopped from you. It is taken out of that. I'm only quoting what I was told by him.
  5. Thank you for your link I will have a read through as I'm sure they have failed in some aspect being they did not communicate they where going to pass it directly to the Job Centre nor did they make me aware of any missed appointments.
  6. Hi thought I would add to the long list of complaints for Seetec. Today I found out that I was going to have my money stopped. Because the 5th new advisor had listed on my action plan the dates for me attending the wrong way round starting with the later date first. Sadly I got confused and did not attend the one listed later being the 1st one to attend, and attend the first one listed at the wrong time. Genuine error. I emailed my advisor to try to rectify this but guess what the useless Moran does not know how to communicate. Made a complaint to the centre manager he is just as useless di
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