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  1. I thought that this was the case and said that to the manager initially - he basically said it doesnt apply to products with manufacturing defects
  2. Hey, Can I get some help here regarding what my rights are the information being passed to me by the retailer seems a little strange. Long and short or it is that I purchased a genuine Apple iPhone 5s leather case from my local O2 store at the end of November 2013 and it starting to discolour very badly and crack even though the case has not been dropped and there are no impact mark it. I returned back to the point of sale with my reciept and showed the store manager who said that it was Apples problem not the retailers so I needed to speak to them due to some manufacturing errors
  3. I dont know - thats the response I was given. The validation steps I have had to do include uploading a photo of my full DVLC, my most recent full bank statement and finally an invoice to prove the item I sold was in fact mine to sell. I have been asked for other details such as confirmation of business etc however I am not a business customer but a personal one. My argument is what I have prove the item was mine, proved it has been posted and ultimately delivered to the buyer and paypal can see that the buyer has paid.. ..so what cant I have the money?
  4. Hello, I do hope that someone can offer me some help here as I really do feel like I have been "ripped off" by a faceless corporation who dont appear to give a toss about their customers or ethics. I have sold 2 items recently on ebay (my iphone and the wifes) which have resulted in rather tidy sum of £700 being in my paypal balance, the first phone sold 3 days ago and the buyer paid. The money was transferred from my paypal account to by bank account however there was going to be a delay of 72 hours before the money was available due to paypals "normal" review pro
  5. Hey, Thanks for the replies, I have been contacted via MKLP through letter but never replied to spoken to them on the phone. What I did do about 9 months ago was write to Welcome Finance & asked for a subject access request thats it. No payments have been made since 2007 though. Thanks
  6. Hey, Perhaps someone can help mere here. There is a dept on my credit file which I believe is from Welcome Finance about 7 years ago that I had problems with. This debt is now showing as being under another company called Mkdp Llp and it shows the account was taken on on 22/10/2007 and a default was registered on 2010. Anything I can do to take this off and is it still statue barred? Many Thanks Scott
  7. The letter I have got there says its a issue of liability order information preliminary to distress... its says the council have obtained a liability order for £1239.78 and this is the amount that B&S are saying I need to pay to them not the councl... it looks like no charges have been added on by them...yet.. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the reply, they have never visited my house, there are no charges on the notice as it just seems to be a notice saying that have been assigned the debt. Nothing has been levied and the car on the drive is mine however its on finance and the bill of sale is with the final company until the load is paid off. Thanks
  9. Help, We have had a letter from Bristow & Sudor saying that Rugby Council had obtained liability for my council tax and that i need to pay the full balance in the next 14 days or further action will be taken. We have been paying £120 per month to the council already for the council tax and didnt know how best to proceed, I am not in a position to pay off the full balance of the council tax however would like to continue paying instalments. Do I continue making my £120 payment to the council via their website or do I make contact with B&S and make the same payment to them
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