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  1. please can you bump this up as I still have no idea if this inhibition still stands or if it may have run out since it was done on october 2007. Thanks
  2. Hi I am looking for some advice on a schedule of inhibition which I received on my property 17th October 2008 for an outstanding debt of £2978 owed to a nationwide credit card, I have just ignored this since it was issued and have since moved out of the property, my ex partner still resides in the property and pays the mortgage which I presume I am still on as I have not heard any different, my ex and I are not on speaking terms and I would now like to cut all ties with this property if possible and get bought out of my share in the property but I'm not sure if this inhibition still stands as I was told that after 5 years it gets wiped out but how true this information was I don't know. I was also told by a friend that if my ex partner has had no contact with me regarding the flat after so many years he will now have sole ownership, we both placed a £10000 deposit each for the property and I would like that back and I am happy to lose out on half the value of the property when I left in 2008 and stopped contributing to the mortgage, I have a lot of debt from around 2005_2008 but have know idea of finding out exactly how much and to whom, what can anyone advise I should do now to sort my mess out, it might also be of interest to know that I live in Scotland and so is the property in Scotland. I hope iv explained this clearly but can go in to more detail of needed.
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