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  1. Hmm, I will have to check my paperwork, I dont think I received anything else except for a receipt for payment.
  2. "5.4 That he is the sole owner of the leasehold or freehold interest in the property and that all necessary consents to allow him to enter into this agreement (superior lessors, mortgage lenders or others) have been obtained in writing"
  3. I have lurked for a while and found great advice in the past on other issues. I will try to keep this brief, with the key facts: 1. I signed a contract for a 12 month AST in Feb of this year. The contract clearly stated that the landlord has all the required consents to let the property 2. In May of this year I received a letter addressed to the tenant/occupier advising that there was a possession order on the property. 3. After further investigation I discovered that the landlord had not been paying their mortgage, and also that they had never received consent to let th
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