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  1. Thanks citizenB but the mortgage run on is basically only for an additional month. Still none the wiser to the initial questions. Think I need a JSA mole to help me Thanks, James
  2. Thanks for clarifying everything guys. I'll get it cancelled and get them to send the NCD letter straight out. James
  3. Hi All, I am on JSA and I have had a letter from the DWP reminding me that the support I get for my mortgage interest is expiring as they only pay for this 2 years. Q1) I assume that whilst I am signing on, they will never now start paying it again? Q2) How long do I need to sign off before signing back on before they will start paying it again? Im hoping to get some contract work shortly - I'm more worried that one day I will need to sign on again and be skint and not get the help? It cant be a "2 years out of a lifetime" surely? Thanks, James
  4. Hi All, Seem to find myself on here everyday at the minute ! I am cancelling my car insurance as presently have no valid driving license and recently learnt the insurance isnt worth jack while I dont have a valid license, but am keen to keep hold of my No Claims Discount (I have the maximum 9 years). Can anyone confirm that the NCD is valid for at least 2 years while it sits in situ and not tagged to a policy? I've got this 2 years from various googling, but all the posts are years old so I wanted to check this is still the case. Also, when I cancel, what should I do - Ask them to post me my proof of no claims, or should I leave that until I actually need it when I take out a new policy later this year? Thanks, James
  5. I had it insured in case someone damages it or nicks it and I thought it had to be taxed for the insurance to be valid. My insurance quotes this :- You are not covered under your policy for any of the following; Contracts Any claim as a result of an agreement or contract unless it is one the insurer would have been liable for anyway. Who Uses the Car Any injury, loss or damage which takes place while the car is being * Driven by or in the charge of any person not covered by your Certificate of Motor Insurance; or * Used other than for the purposes allowed on your Certificate of Motor Insurance; or * Driven by or in the charge of any person who does not hold or comply with the conditions of a valid license to drive such a vehicle in the country within which the incident occurred. The exception does not apply if the car is; * Being serviced or repaired by a member of the motor trade. * Stolen or being taken away without your permission; or * Being parked by an employee of a hotel or restaurant as part of a car-parking service Sadly Im no lawyer... but I would take this to mean, that even though the guy in charge (me) doesnt have a valid license, this is irrelevant if it is stolen or taken away without my permission? Welcome the view of you guys with more experience in contracts and law ?
  6. I didnt tell them as saw no need as I wouldnt be driving ? If I was to drive I wouldnt be insured anyway...
  7. Im sorry I have nothing to help with on the topic, but I have been reading this thread with great interest and wondered a couple of things? With the SAR request - Mr P said "send a SAR to the DWP requesting all information held by them and all subcontractors including Ingeus." question - Shouldnt you still send an additional SAR to Ingeus directly? Another question - How long is deemed a 'reasonable' time for Ingeus to issue an appointment. I.e. could they ring me at 2pm on a tuesday and expect me to be there at 10am in the morning, or does there need to be 24, 48, 96? hours notice given? Thanks, James
  8. Im back... I noticed that king12345 said to sorn the car or could lead to trouble? I do not understand this (I didnt do it). The car is taxed, insured and parked off-road. Surely this is fine? You do not need a license to own, tax and insure a car do you ?! I actually logged back in to ask another question and saw the above, so obviously wanted to check on that while I was here. The other question I have, my car is insured full comp (I am the main and only driver). Can my friend drive the car with his fully comp insurance which permits him to drive a vehicle not owned by him as long as its insured? Or is there any kind of issues that my insurances policy is held by a banned driver? Thanks, James
  9. Thank you all for your replies. Mr. P- If I was to scrap the whole JSA/ESA thing all together- How do I go about trying for mortgage/ct support- is this done directly through my local council offices? If these could be paid I'd sooner just do that. Alternatively GG- If I do need ESA for ct/mortgage I am sure with my history my doctor would have no problem writing a sick note. How do I move over to ESA? Or is it a case of leaving JSA and starting a fresh with an ESA application? I must admit that the hassle and stress of starting a new application doesn't enspire me. Catch 22 of depression:( Thanks, James
  10. Morning All, Currently on JSA (approx 2.5 years) and seeing a work programme provider that's driving me nuts and receive help towards my mortgage interest + council tax. First question. Can I sign off for a few weeks (a holiday if you will) and live with my sister that's happy to support me and in return look after her kids while she has an operation. Then sign back on with no fuss- or is it a case of once I sign off I cannot sign back on for x months? Secondly- how long do you have to be off, before when you do go back- you start again on the system and not where you left off. I.e. a year of normality without all the WP rubbish. I am seeking work btw- but suffering with depression/anxiety which is leading to massive sleep problems and with a 11 month left driving ban hanging over me- my normal career path is screwed (CCNA Engineer). I have worked all my life- benefits is not a chosen path. Thanks for your time, James
  11. Thanks for everyones help. I got a 15 month ban which will be reduced by 3 months after doing the drink driving programme and a £205 fine (I'll save that by just not paying car tax for 12 months!) So relieved and lesson learnt James
  12. I was very depressed and my wife was concerned and called the police so they were looking for my car. Will the police attend court as witnesses or will the prosecution just use their statements? I think it is important to bring up that the police did not see a problem with my driving for my plea, but I do not have copies of the police statements (or my own interview), so how should I go about this (I am representing myself). Thanks, James
  13. Many thanks to all those that have replied so far. I pleaded guilty straight away in the interview and apologised for being such an idiot and was thankful that nobody was hurt (and this is sincere). The police that followed me commented that I was not driving irratically and I was driving at a steady 70mph on a dual carriageway. My only concern is that it took me a long time (over 5 miles) to pull over from when the blues n twos first went on, however the charge of failing to stop was dropped. Because they dropped this charge, do I not need to worry about it - or can they use it against me in court for the charge of DD? And does this effect the worry of prison? Thanks, James
  14. I have recently been charged with drink driving (here for advice, I'm aware of how stupid and reckless it was)... I blew 58ug at the police station, pleaded guilty in interview and currently out of work on JSA. 1. What is likely to happen to me? I know I will get a year ban minimum and a fine. What is likelihood of custodial / community service? 2. When I go into the magistrates court - What should I take with me? Are they likely to ask me any questions about the incident and my background, give me a chance to plead my case? Or will it literally be a case of sentencing. 3. I read on another fourm that I should take my driving license with me (though have not been told this officially) but I have lost the paper counterpart. Is this likely to annoy the judge or do they not deal with this part. 4. How do I address the judge/bench? I'm assuming its 'your honour' ? Thanks, James
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