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  1. This company called Harland is chasing me for £114.99 for a months gym membership that i never used... I agreed a month to month contract with Simply Gym in reading... no ongoing contract.. after 1 day i told them i want to cancel its awful. the gym was disgusting and falling apart... then 2 months later a debt copllection agency mails me saying they want 6 times the monthly amount of the gym... what is going on in the country?
  2. a dangerous game he is playing
  3. england shelter .or .uk is a good option. But he does not need to be on the streets... THis woman sounds horrible does she have no compassion?
  4. go to local council, they will put you up in a B&B for a while then find you permanent housing
  5. its hard to actually end up on the street these days... especially when there are kids involved. they must go to the council NOW and let them now they have no home... usually you get out up in a B&B for a while then permanent housing is found
  6. Hi all, My partner is a Filipino and I wondered if any one new, like 100%, if she needs a visa to go to Egypt? I am British and when I land in Egypt I can purchase a visa at the border, is that the same for Filipinos?
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