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  1. Has anyone successfully taken SP to the Small Claims court to recover the cost of getting a 3rd party engineer to fix the problem that SP are incapable of fixing?
  2. Under this contract Scottish Power are under no obligation to fix your boiler in 1 day, 2 days...1 week, even 1 month. If your boiler breaks down you can be left without heat or hot water for as long as "as soon as possible" becomes. If you get desperate you can always find your own engineer, there are plenty out there but Scottish Power have few engineers to cover some areas, and they won't recompense you for the cost incurred, also your contract will then be invalidated. Any expensive problems with your boiler will also not be covered under the contract. You keep paying your monthly direct d
  3. Took them 3 months to inspect/service my boiler to check my eligibility for joining. The annual "service" was a 10-minute check. Called them to fix a radiator leak, I had to stay home from work on 3 separate days before an engineer turned up. I discovered after he left the boiler wasn't keeping pressure, so unusable. I stayed home for another no-show engineer, later to be told they had 3-times the usual callouts so couldn't send anyone until after the weekend. That was just an excuse - they clearly don't have enough engineers to cover. After numerous calls from me - still no call from
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