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  1. Sorry I'm trying to run after my son, I moved in October I have notice start of September. We actually had the keys for our new place 3rd of September I can get proof from our old letting agents when we moved and when we signed the lease for our new place. I'll get the exact dates and send that off to the ombudsman, they did forward our mail to use for a month so virgin didn't send any mail here or to our old address I do know my months of the year, it's my birthday in two months. I have baby brain still See two months, no my birthday is in two weeks time not two months I only just noticed that. It's my son's birthday in two months
  2. Well they could say they sent it, I didn't get any bill I didn't get notice of an impending default which I thought they had to give.
  3. Start of October so should have been no more than 30 days, they told me on the phone they billed me for September when I wasn't even living there
  4. Thanks I'll get onto it, I'll email them a letter asking for it and if no reply I'll write to them. I'll settle the default, no point refusing to pay it out of principle despite the fact I shouldn't owe them a penny. By the sounds of it I'm screwed over either way, I won't ever use any of their services again unless it's a train or plane when there cheaper grrr I'm so mad I can't fully escape them
  5. I really thought we were back on track to buy a house we even have the deposit and a steady income. Virgin shouldn't be allowed to default people's accounts seeing as it's not a loan or credit. I wasn't sure they'd have transcripts from my calls from nearly a year ago! What's an iar? Going to court sounds expensive, I've just finished reading that if I settled the default it might only effect me for two years. I can kind of understand why they might be unwilling to help, I'm sure their are plenty of people who knowingly just avoid paying then give a similar story. I thought a company had to inform you before they defaulted you, they never contacted us again. I'll ask them for the transcript of all conversations though What's the point in an ombudsman if their likely to favour virgin media So it's common practice for virgin media to do this to people? I don't know how they can legally bill me for September last year when I wasn't even living there and I had already called to cancel my contract. Horrible people they are, we were paying them nearly £100 a month we always paid albeit sometimes a little late - that's why virgin weren't willing to help they made a big deal of it saying there was several times you paid us late I said yes well I was off work on maternity leave but I always paid each month and apologised for it being late but it was always paid. I don't know what's wrong with these people and why they don't care about how big an impact this is going to have on us, despite having a deposit for a mortgage we are stuck renting paying off someone else's mortgage.
  6. Hello I was rebuilding my credit file, last time I posted I think it was regarding building my credit. Well I got a vanquis card with a £250 limit which was increased to £1000 after six months which was surprising. Okay to the point, last October we moved house but unfortunately this area doesn't support virgin media. I informed virgin media I was moving and gave them my new address so that was okay they said they would be in touch to collect the equipment. It appears that have billed me for septmeber despite being informed I had moved address, they never one wrote to me at my new address with a bill. Turns out they had billed me £110 which has now turned into a default, I contacted the chief executive office they said they'd investigate. They eventually got back to me and informed me that they were unable to help and they refused to remove the default from my account even if I settled the balance, there is absolutely no way I wouldn't have paid £110 and run the risk of my credit file being ruined for 5 years. We pleaded with them we said we will pay it rite now and it would have been paid if we had known about it, it was stressful enough moving house and we also had a one year old son at the time which made it even more difficult. I'm kind of disgusted at the lack of help from virgin media, we started our own business in January we actually received £120,000 inheritance just after we moved. Now we can't even get a business bank account, we applied at barclays and was delcined so checked experience to find a default for £110. Virgin just said no we can't help and my only option is to pay it so it shows as settled but the default will remain. I've printed off a form to an ombudsman I believe it's a separate one for virgin media complaints, I'm hoping they can do something I just can't believe virgin media were so unhelpful I'm sure Richard Branson would be disgusted by it also. It's really upset me it's more annoying that if this was an area that could get virgin we would have got it and stayed a customer, thanks to virgin we won't get a mortgage we won't get mainstream credit if we need it. I pleaded with them saying because of £110 I won't get a mortgage even then they didn't care, the impact his is going to have on our lives is huge. We can't even keep our income separate it's currently going into a personal bank account which isn't professional asking people to pay into a personal account and it's going to cause problems with doing accounts and hmrc - of course virgin media didn't care and took to ignoring my emails. I do think this is unfair and unjust, I haven't paid the default yet I'm thinking if i pay they'll never remove it so either way my credit is ruined for a few years. I'm just so upset and stressed about it all, I don't know if the independent ombudsman is my only option since virgin media haven't been sympathetic despite knowing they have ruined us for five years and we can't buy a house for the sake of £110 we didnt even know we owed them Please excuse any mistakes, just typed this on my phone and it kept freezing on me.
  7. I noticed virgin put a default on my account, I moved from my old address last October to a house that couldn't receive virgin services. Anyway I called told them I was moving they said someone would call to collect equipment no one ever called, apparently I had one last bill of £102 which hadn't been paid that I totally forgot about due to house move and a hectic lifestyle with a one year old baby. I called them and their refusing to budge saying it's what I owe so that's that, they said it doesn't matter i didn't receive any mail at my new address saying I was about to get a default or asking me to pay. I was hoping they'd show some compassion that I'd forgot with the stress of moving and having a young baby but still just a no. Is there any other route I can take if I feel it's unfair to ruin my credit file for 6 years ? I'll be paying the £102 to get the default settled but I'd rather they removed the default completely as it was applied to my file in September the same month I moved house. I have 8 settled accounts and only this one default and find it extremely unfair that they won't help due to exceptional circumstances, if I had remembered I would have paid it there's no way I'd risk ruining my credit for 6 years for the sake of such a small amount Thanks for any help in advance
  8. Thanks, I've done a bit more research and it appears after ten months and they have increased my credit limit thats when it'll improve my credit report. Not so bad then, I'll stick to using 25% of my credit and pay off in full and wait till next year. I'm not going to check my credit report again until next December, no point paying for it for another 12 months.
  9. I've just read I shouldn't have used the card at all I only used it because I thought that's what it took to help my history to prove I pay off in full on time. Oops
  10. Hello Okay, so I got my vanquis card I've used 50% of my credit. I checked my credit report it's flagged up 4 new negative factors all to do with my new card, I've had it less than 10 months, my limit is low so viewed as a risk. October my score was 891 it is now 571, it's dropped from 771 to 571 all because I have a new credit account..... Yes I know the scores mean nothing and it's a guide for myself, but is it not a good thing I have one credit account and in fact despite what experian report it does actually go in my favour ? I logged on to experian expecting my credit score to be increased with positive markers, how wrong I was
  11. I had a loan with rbs which is statue barred forgot to mention that so that means no to rbs and natwest
  12. I have a Halifax, rbs that are local. I live in the middle of nowhwere, theres around 1500 people in the town I live in. Theres certainly no local banks other than those i have mentioned, braclays is a half hour drive away. All the big banks are near the cities and I live about an hours drive away from both of the nearest cities, I'm in central Scotland
  13. My experian was at 881 before with no credit at all now at 751 after those three searches. So I'm expecting to to be at very good after Feb next year. I'm just happy I'm back on the rite track, I know loads of people hate vanquis but I can't see it being a problem I'm grateful they've gave me a chance and I'll not be stupid enough to use it and not pay it off in full. Well not that stupid again lol Ill update next Feb
  14. Card arrived with a £250 limit, I called to activate it and wow they don't half try and sell you their payment protection plan which I declined but it might be worth getting just in case. I was expecting a limit of £150 but according to the information I've been sent with the card it could be up to £3000 within a year
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