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  1. Thank you. It appears I cannot get legal aid. Unable as yet to find a solicitor with knowledge of Dutch law. The mortgage was with a Dutch bank and they are using a solicitor from the UK, or is it possible the UK solicitor has purchased the debt?
  2. Hi I have a claim form from a UK court for a mortgage debt incurred in the Netherlands in 2001. I had a mortgage, lost my job and returned to the UK in 2003, defaulting on the debt. The house was sold but had a shortfall, which with interest is now around £90.000. I heard from a UK solicitor earlier this year and on checking, believed that the debt was statute barred and advised not to make any admission. I now have a court order for the debt. I am now retired with only a state pension and a small RAF pension, and minimum living expenses. I can't afford a solicitor but can I get legal aid, and do I need to acknowledge this debt? Any help/advice appreciated. Thank you.
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