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  1. Thank you both for your advice. As things stand, the complaint filed with FOS is not yet closed, and I have the opportunity to provide additional evidence. I think it could be very effective for each of us to tell the FOS about the other's complaint, if tescodisgrace is interested. But to do that, we probably need to share claim numbers -- hence the need for a PM.
  2. Sorry Sid, but as said above, the 2.5m height warning at the entrance means that no vehicles higher than 2.5m should proceed. The fact that the car park is higher in other places is therefore irrelevant. Personally, I have never trusted those height warning signs to be accurate. In a multi-storey car park (one that is supposed to be high enough for my vehicle), I still watch the head room just like any other potential obstruction. Just in case.
  3. Hi TescoDisgrace, I have just seen that you have had a very similar problem to us, except that we use our car periodically and so we were fortunate enough to find out before any Police involvement. I'm sorry to hear that you were not so lucky. We too have complained to both Tesco and subsequently to the Financial Ombudsman Service; we have just received a response from the Ombudsman. Unfortunately, they have not upheld our complaint. I would like to give you specifics, but I have not asked for permission to widely share their findings on a public forum. However--given the context--it seems reasonable to say that a key factor in this decision was that Tesco has given the Ombudsman statement that they have not received any similar complaints. From your post, it would seem Tesco should have had at least one other very similar complaint. How are you getting on? Warm regards, Cumulonimbus
  4. Dear all, I am looking for any others that have experienced similar issues with Tesco car insurance, and/or missing communications from them on a wider basis. If anyone has any insight or advice, I would be very glad of that too. I present my nightmarish experience below: Three months ago, I chose Tesco car insurance for renewal due to their good price and well known brand. This was a month ahead of the current policy expiry to ensure a good deal, and to ensure ample time for policy documents to arrive before the new policy began. Approximately one week later, I received the Tesco policy documents by post (with the letter dated the same day that I bought the policy). This was paid for annually in advance, and all was in order aside from a request for a proof of no claims discount (NCD). This was obtained from the current insurer and sent on to them in their own pre-paid addressed envelope, within good time and before the policy commenced. I heard nothing more from Tesco until last Thursday 24th October, when a letter dated 17th October arrived stating that they had cancelled the car insurance policy on the 17th October. This was apparently due to them not receiving proof of the NCD, a fact they had completely failed to tell me. The letter of the 17th October states that one warning letter had been sent 14 days prior to that date, and I have yet to see any sign of it. According to Tesco, they had actually sent between 2 and 4 warning letters (none of which arrived nor has any trace outside of Tesco) between the start of the policy and the final notification of cancellation. I refer to between 2 and 4 letters, as each individual spoken to has stated a different number, about which they are adamant. And yes, that letter of cancellation definitely only mentions one. Now this leaves me with two major issues: 1.) I was unaware that the car was uninsured for seven days after they cancelled the policy. I take this very seriously indeed, as aside from risk of damage/theft I could have been caught unwittingly breaking the law. 2.) I now have to tick the "I have had car insurance cancelled." box in all future insurance forms. And yet I have done absolutely nothing wrong, and I have done everything that I should have done. A quick test on Confused.com suggests an increase in premium of 70%! Tesco has just completed its initial 24 hour investigation, from which they have concluded that x number of letters have definitely be sent out, and that they have no record of receiving the NCD proof from me. This leaves me in an arduous situation, as having used their postage paid envelope for sending the NCD, I have no proof of postage. In addition, I can hardly produce concrete proof that their letters have not arrived (not that they seem interested in this anyway). I also immediately obtained a new proof of NCD from the old insurer by e-mail (a hard copy is following by post), and forwarded this directly to a customer services manager at Tesco. They have accepted this as proof of NCB, but they refuse to reinstate the original policy, nor repeal the cancellation, leaving me firmly stuck with major issue number 2 above. A more formal complaints investigation is now underway, but I clearly need to gather as much advice and support has possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers, Cumulonimbus
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