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  1. The house has been sold through reposession by the courts and a company acting on behalf of the creditors solicitor is allocating the money.. he says its only from when the final charging order was made not the interim judgement was made ...
  2. Hi people im new to this and could do with some help, Ive been chasing a conman for quite some time (7 years) and had a interim charging order placed on his house back in April 2007 i then secured the final charging order on May 2010, Now after i finally managed to get the order executed (June 2013) ive been contacted by a solicitor today telling me that im due about £4000 which was £3011.03 owed plus costs £320 which is what the interim jugement states. I questioned that the interest should be calculated from the inital Jugemnet made in 2007 ? am i wrong ? HELP he's told me that the sale of this persons house has to go through in a week and failure of me signing the forms to allow the sale he'll therefore get a judgement against me to get the judge to say this s correct and ill then have to pay the solicitors fees . . GREAT !
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