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  1. Hi everyone, so today I got another letter! When I get some time I will scan and upload it here. - It is basically word for word the same as the first ever letter I received. Planning on continuing to ignore... Misery
  2. Update - No letters or contact from anyone since the last time, so about 2 months ago. Misery
  3. Will try to make them pdfs now Dx edit: Updated it above to pdf's. I've learnt so much about doc converting since I joined this site! Misery
  4. Thanks Silverfox - FYI Here are the links to read: [ATTACH=CONFIG]49205[/ATTACH] Misery
  5. Since the last post, have received 2 more letters. One saying they will pass my details onto a specialist company which recovers debts if I do not reply within 14 days. Latest says they will reduce the amount I have to pay, and they know I have been posting on here and will use this information to prove my admittance. Also says that the client is soon to make a decision as to whether to issue a claim...if I do not accept the offer of the reduced amount I will be at risk of the case proceeding. Keep ignoring? I haven't sent that one liner should I? Getting different responses to that.
  6. Think I did it, edited my original post, did it work? Misery
  7. Third Letter! Ok, just figured it out. [ATTACH]48220[/ATTACH] Misery
  8. Thanks guys, made me feel better. Will keep posting as and when more letters are received! Misery
  9. Second letter received. Just to update people. If/When I receive DCA letters what should I reply? Misery
  10. Thanks for updating it, I am doing the same to mine for the same reasons! I am a few RLP 'stages' behind you so it's good to know what is coming. Misery
  11. It's under £100 - didn't put it up in case they can somehow trace this to me. I'd love to have some antimatter! Misery
  12. Thanks guys and thanks dx for converting it. Will keep updating. Misery
  13. First letter received. Any new advice? Misery [ATTACH]47612[/ATTACH]
  14. I threw it in the bin when I left the shop, but come to think of it, I don't think it did have that word. It said something about civil loss, being found doing a wrongful act then at the bottom a few bullet points telling me to get legal advise, and some others. The security guard said it will be a fine but he had no idea how much ( although he said less than £100 ) and he said if I don't pay my details will be passed to the police. I definitely won't be going back anywhere near that shop so is it OK to keep my cards as the new cards will be exactly the same picture and info? Does t
  15. I forgot to mention the guards photocopied my photo oyster card and student card. OK will just rip and bin them I guess! Misery
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