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  1. Hi, thanks for replying so quickly. Yes he did, I wasn't aware that he was as only the security asked for my provisional, but when I looked over to the officer I saw he was writing my address in his little book, I thought this was quite odd as the only time the officer was mentioned was when I was being told there will be no arrest and the officer only spoke once, when he asked me how much was the product. I'm living at home, the security guard said that it would be in my name as he assumed I didn't want the parents involved. Think I'll speak to my older brother first, see if he's got any tips on how to tell them Thank you for the help, I'll be sure to look at some of those cases.
  2. Hi there, a couple days ago I was caught shoplifting from TK Maxx, stupid I know, not sure why I did it, but for some reason I did (I'm 17). After I was caught I was taken to a room in the back where I was asked a few questions, name, d.o.b, etc. Once they had taken down my details I signed a 12 month banning notice and was told that I would be 'fined', I was not expecting it to be very pricey as the item only cost £9.99, but after reading some of the stories on here I starting to think otherwise. What I am partially worried about is that there was a police officer already in the room when I entered, later on I was told that the officer wanted to arrest me but what I'm to assume are TK Maxx security, convinced him not to, I noticed that he still decided to take my details down ? along with the other bloke. When I left I was given a notice of intended civil recovery, at the bottom of this sheet it says that my 'persona data may be stored and use by prospective employers within client companies to make employment decisions and for the purposes of crime prevention' this is quite worrying as I am currently looking for a job and thought that it may appear on an extensive CRB check. I have read a couple threads on RLP but I'm still not sure on what action to take, I really just want to forget about this whole thing and am considering paying, but I'm concerned that this may lead to them asking for more money and I guessing as soon as I pay this means they can hold me liable. But if I don't pay they say that they can take it too court. My knowledge on this area is extremely limited, so I must sound quite idiotic, could anybody help me please ? Many thanks.
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