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  1. Sorry for not being clear. It is just the general point they made, that students shouldn`t be parking at the university parking without valid permit. If student will decide to leave car over there, it is nothing they can really do about this, however it is not nice to do so. As long as everybody is trying to be a good person, everything is ok.
  2. Hi, I didn`t give any permission for anyone to pass my details to Lewis. As suggested in this thread I didn’t want to encourage any conversation with them so I decided to ignore them. They gave up till this point. University made the point and I stopped parking there. Win-win situation. Thanks and best regards,
  3. Thanks for your quick reply, Should I ignore them now or should I ask them to confirm this is a parking notice and only then ignore? I am sure this is for a parking notice but they didn't mention this. thanks,
  4. Good afternoon. Received letter from Lewis Debt Recovery on Friday 26/10/2013 demanding 46.73 to be paid by 30/10/2013. They give my University Reference number and then info that notice was issued on behalf of my University in Scotland. As far as I remember this is a notice issued by University for using their parking for one hour (similar to a parking fine) but this detail is not mentioned in the Lewis Debt Recovery Final Demand. Please let me know how should I proceed with this Final Demand. Should I pay this since it is originally from University? Best reg
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