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  1. The bit I find slightly ludicrous is that the judge implies a £35 charge is not unreasonable because other areas of banking are free. Surely if a charge is for exceeding your overdraft that is what it relates to. The fact they give you "free" banking is irrelevant. They're ****s at the end of the day. I'm amazed we've had so much success because normally the people with the power and money close ranks sooner and more crushingly.
  2. I'm not gonna be attending. Will fax the court and say that, subject to the cheque clearing the case can be discontinued. Once more, good luck to everyone
  3. I may be there, pending my mate actually having recieved the cheque. I'll let you know tonight at some stage when can call him.
  4. My girlfriend has just collected a recorded delivery package from the post office. They are settling in full for £6400. I'll have to double check this - my figures had it at £7k but they are claiming some of it goes beyond 6 years. I'll have to double check this as I think they were just inside 6 years. From what date does the 6 years start? From the MCO being deemed to be served? Anyway, seems the banks can move quickl;y when they want - this only got moved to the mercantile on saturday! Good luck to anyone else either wanting to go to court or wanting to get a cheque.
  5. Other than my CMI info and the basics I have included on stuff like the MCO, what will I need for this hearing tomorrow? Thanks again.
  6. We shall see, we shall see. I'm all ready for tomorrow - time is running out.
  7. I dont think it will all be sorted - isnt this thing tomorrow just to decide what happens next? The banks dont have to be there do they? So there is nothing to stop them dragging this out even further is there and waiting till the next step - or am I missing something?
  8. Bletchley, sounds like you're in a very similar position to myself. I dropped my CMI stuff off today and emailed it to the banks' legal team. I also work 2 mins away so I guess I might see you on wednesday. I'd say you have it pretty sussed so just get the info sent and see you in court!
  9. Does anyone have any idea how long this might take in court on wednesday? It starts at 10.30 and a half day has been allocated. My name was last on a long list - does this mean it will be heard last?
  10. I emailed the info sheet to their legal team and just resisted adding "roll on wednesday" at the end. I'm dropping it in at the court in 10 minutes so fingers crossed that RBS are frantically trying to get this claim paid asap.
  11. Thanks for that. I've included the request with the stuff I'm gonna take to the court with me - its very unofficial but hopefully it will do the trick.
  12. Hi, thanks for the help guys. I've completed my CMI sheet and am ready to send it. I can nip to the court on my lunch but just have a couple of queries as well. Firstly, I presume I'm right in sending a copy to the bank's solicitors as well? Secondly, I'm acting on behalf of a friend in this case. Does it matter that he's not gonna be able to attend the hearing (he actually lives in Manchester and it was moved to Leeds (County court first) due to me? As I only recieved notification of this on saturday there is also a chance I may not be able to attend - I think I read on the thread that this would be ok as long as they have my CMI: can anyone confirm this? Finally, as I'm representing my friend, how should I refer to myself on the CMI sheet? On the notice of transfer of proceedings they refer to me as "The Claimant's Solicitor" - is it ok to go with this even though I'm actually his cousin's friend's son and travel agent! I'm gonna call the court to clarify much of this but its a bit difficult from work and they dont open till 10 so I was hoping to get as much info as possible before then. Thanks again and good luck to everyone else.
  13. Really? Cool...you couldn't PM me yours or the one you copied could you?
  14. I've seen the info on how to complete the case management info but I did not recieve the sheet from the court. Do I just need to call them on Monday or is there anything I can do before then? I think there is some mention of cut and pasting someone elses sheet but I can't just copy it and print it on plain paper can I? Or can I?
  15. There is a thread about all the cases that have been moved that is really helpful...check it out.
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