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  1. Could you drop the text of your letter here - sounds like just the thing I need!!
  2. I have offered to make up the payments and asked if we can continue with the arrangement but have been told they will proceed with the claim. At this stage we still have a few days to submit a defence, so if we can pay the balance are we currently liable for nursery fees or the interest and costs that have been added.?
  3. We received court papers for £407.10 owed on nursery fees. We have an arrangement with Redwoods of £40 per month but missed payment for Oct and Nov. No warnings from Redwoods, but we received court papers with the school as the creditor and C W Harwood as the address to send documents and payments to. Total bill is now £638.64 because of interest and solicitors fees. How should we respond given that we are still in an arrangement? Should we contact the school, Redwoods or Harwoods? Do we need to send an SAR to see who is who?
  4. Hi, we got a response back from the school and thankfully they have agreed to our proposed payment plan and have confirmed that they will take no further action against us. Many thanks to everyone who has offered advice.
  5. Thanks Mould, so should I send this letter to the school even though they haven't yet responded to my original offer? Also, the 21 days on the SD is up on Friday 15th - do I need to respond to the court or do anything in that regard?
  6. The contract with the school was basically fees paid at the start of each term or monthly via term time credit. Notice period was one term. Not sure that we have a lot of scope to argue anything here...
  7. I attached a letter to an email and sent it to the school on Monday (4th) with a copy to Redwoods. I have not received a response yet, but here is the text: Dear Sir/Madam, Proposal ofpayment We are aware that we owe a substantial amount to the school and that this has accrued over a considerable period of time. The reason for this debt is directly related to mywork situation. As you are aware, we had a flawless payment record from 2003 -2009 but with the onset of the credit crunch, my income as a mortgage brokerstarted to reduce at an alarming rate from 2009 onwa
  8. Just spoke to a solicitor who specialises in getting statutory demands set aside. Although he sees no legal basis to get it set aside, he offered to send a letter to Redwoods with a payment proposal and to point out to them in strong terms that they would only get pence in the £ if they did proceed with bankruptcy. He seems to think £300-£500 is a reasonable proposal and said that when he was on the other side of the fence, working for private schools, they nearly always accepted £500 per month for a debt of this size. He also said not to offer a voluntary charge at thi
  9. Well. I've got legal advice and sent over SD paperwork for them to assess IF they can help or not. Redwoods are telling me the school will probably accept £2,000 per month, but this is way over the odds. Just hoping there is a legal angle or negotiation to put us onto a manageable payment plan and stop all bankruptcy proceedings dead.
  10. How is this going? I have also received an SD for school fees and am trying to find a solution: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?407383-Statutory-Demand-received-but-already-have-repossession-order-help&p=4382658#post4382658
  11. Yes - I have been involved in social media for 3 years but have just been offered a job to return to FS as a mortgage broker (still self-employed) in 2 weeks. Ironically I will now have to disclose this SD which may jeopardise my new job..
  12. Income expenditure would be quite tricky because my income varies (hence the reason for this mess). I have family who would make initial payments until my income was sufficient to do so. In effect payments could be made (subject to the amount) but if an inc/exp is needed, the figures may not add up.
  13. so the first thing is to try to arrange a payment plan? I assume they will want me to pay more than I can realistically afford but I suppose it is this or bankruptcy! Is it likely they will want the voluntary charge to secure the payments?
  14. Could the lender refuse a second charge if they didn't feel there was enough equity in the property?
  15. I thought a voluntary charge had to be agreed by the mortgage lender and could only be entered into only if the lender was happy with it?
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