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  1. I expect these stories are heard all the time, but mine is genuine. I'm at a loss as to what to do for the best at the moment but compliance seems to offer several solutions, firstly to transfer the money back into my Brothers account; secondly to come off of Income support then pay back any overpayment if asked. On the first option I don't feel it would be a solution because they will just say it looks like I am now hiding the money in my Brothers account and nothing will be gained. Another reason not to transfer it is because all the interest paid so far (will be clawed back by the bank fr
  2. It was done online as I remember.It would not have made any sense for him to have set up another account in the same bank because we believed the government only gave compensation on a 'per bank' customer and not to accounts held by the same person in the same bank.He could have opened another account with a different bank but he was so worried about events in the banking sector and the time it takes to open a bank account that he opted to open an account under my name.This was convenient for both of us as I had the interest each month to pay for transaction over the Internet etc and even af
  3. Just recently I was called in to see the compliance Officer at the local Jobcentre. Basically she said that she had information that suggested I had more savings than I declared when I applied for Carers Allowance and Income support, which I have been receiving since April this year. She pointed out the evidence on her computer monitor that I had received £112 (?) per month in interest from HBoS. I admitted that I had an account that I didn't declare and explained that the money wasn't mine. To cut a long story short, I explained to her that my Brother put the money(£34k) into my account to a
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