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  1. Hi - I did, and the quoted info is their advice, i took it as read they were right. Am waiting to check things out with another company - wasn't too worried, but not I am thinking I should.. The company I spoke with called it 'Personally Present Insolvency'. I would have to go before the registrar as i don't live in the UK. The house sale hopefully completes tomorrow.
  2. It really is bizarre. In order to go bankrupt I have to return to the UK and spend up to 12 hours in High Court in London, and pay for the pleasure. I am going bankrupt durgh! Or there's the sorry I was wrong re the date I left, or the debt just keeps on building in my absence, until infinity... Apparently the 6 yrs statute barred only stops from the date that they stop chasing the debt. Have posted my 'dear john' letters to CC Co and Loans Co today. Shall await their replies with some interest.
  3. thanks both - have had some contact with Stepchange and I will chase them up again.
  4. Hi All Have been reading threads here and wish I had found this site yonks ago! I was wondering if anyone could offer me some advice on my current situation - is a little long winded so please bear with me: I moved to NZ in April 2010 following the end of a relationship. I was unable to sell joint house prior to leaving. In order to complete my move I borrowed from a CC and an unsecured loan, for whic I still owe approximately £22,0000. The plan had been to pay them back with proceeds from house sale. Not so, house has taken 4 1/2 yrs to sell, sold at hu
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