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  1. Hi all Today i got a PCN for unloading in a restricted street. This is the sign is at the entrance to a pedestrian area approx 260M and 3 streets away from where i was parked. The sigh is not very visible due to the bottom part being twisted away from the driver. The photo was taken from where my vehicle would of entered the area. Any chance of me getting of this?? first time in 5 years i have got a ticket parking here to make a 2 minute delivery
  2. This is very intresting, i to have had letter chasing 9.99 from 2004 sent of CCA request today as am told i signed up for a years contract
  3. I took barclays to court for estimated charges and they settled in full out of court.......... when the cheque clears I'll tell more
  4. I'd write a letter saying you accept there offer only as part payment and will continue to pursue the rest, then when your 14 days after LBA is up file your MCOL, if you haven't received there part payment file for the full amount not forgetting to include the 8% interest in the total claim amount i used this letter to reject there offer
  5. you probably won't hear anything they seem to be very busy send your LBA according to your time table to the Mr lewis as before. you'll either get a response offering a % of the figure your claiming or nothing at all, then it becomes time for MCOL where you can claim interest
  6. you can either send it to your branch or to Mr Alan Pretty Senior Service Quality Officer HSBC Bank Plc Arlington Business Centre Millshaw Park Lane Leeds LS11 0PP make sure you send it recoreded so you can prove you've sent it
  7. HSBC Bank PLC 8 Canada Square London E14 5HQ good luck
  8. i Have Won!!!!!!!!!!! £2228.62 Now Paid In Full Happy Days donation Already Paid
  9. Right update time I rang the court two weeks ago and was told a cheque from hsbc has been recived and was waiting to clear Cheque never turned up Rang the court they said that DG had confirmed Debt been paid in full (It hadn't) Rang DG spoke to Deborah and told her was had happened she wasn't very helpful and Quite snotty she said the couldn't do any thing and i had to provide them with all the info re my claim so they could look into it. So i said i'd issue an other warrant to get the money back. Then got a letter today from DG saying that, they have credited my account with the amount owing of £466.82 checked my account and hay presto money is there
  10. It seems to me that this is a way of them geting out of future claims after Dec 06 by saying its a arrangement fee and not a charge, implies that its a service not a charge if you get what i mean
  11. Right Claim just been done all estimated charges lets see if the respond now..................
  12. I have managed to stop my account closure with HSBC with these 2 letters sent this one first then was told it had been sent to Leeds to be dealt with So i then wrote to the chairman with this one, and got a letter from alan pretty say account WON'T be closed
  13. got a letter from crap one saying they will pay me the full amount claimed HAPPY DAYS:D
  14. you need to write to the issuing court with the claimk number (all that info will be on your credit file you got) Removal of CCJ's - Introduction & welcome hopefully the link will work now it will tell you how to the details etc i'm only starting out on this one so i'll keep you posted of my progress
  15. i found one as well i am using this site here it gives you step by step guide what to do basically if you knew nothing about it you can apply for a set aside, but i think you will have to pay the whole amount of in one go, else they wil just issue another ccj with a payment plan starting of the 6 years on you credit report again
  16. Right bc have until tommorow to respond, if not MCOL my only concern is i have had to estimate all the charges as they didn't give me any relivant statements, is it still possible to charge the 8%
  17. Got a letter from Alan pretty bout a week ago saying he was investigating then today got one from him again saying
  18. I have managed to stop my account closure with HSBC with these 2 letters sent this one first then was told it had been sent to Leeds to be dealt with So i then wrote to the chairman with this one, and got a letter from alan pretty say account WON'T be closed
  19. The c/c charge shows up in tht total when you select which sort of card you want to use
  20. You sure do................... Sometimes some gentle persuasion is all they need;)
  21. If you get hold of a copy of your credit report it will have all the info you need on there acc numbers etc with experian and equifax you can get them online for free for 30days or send of £2 to get a hard copy
  22. Got a letter from Alan Pretty saying that they WON'T be closing my account. because of further info i gave them,must mean cause i said i'd go to the press HAPPY DAYS just waiting for my cheque for the rest now
  23. just stick to your time table and file your claim as soon as the 14 days are up, you'll have your money very soon
  24. the £55 is included in what the bailiffs have got, so once the cheque arrives it will all be settled. With regard th the account closure, HSBC bank is convenient for me as my business account is with them and my gf's as well so it makes paying myself and transferring money quicker as its instant instead of waiting 3-4 days for it to get to an other bank.
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