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  1. I have now issued the Ulster Bank with a copy of same order issued on the 8 November (sent with the attention of the girl in question & to be opened by addressee only) they have have had 14 days until end of the week to comply with it other wise i will seek legal recourse. They have been very quiet on the issue have made no attempt to contact me to head off this issue think they can just bully people into paying up without proof being produced
  2. Did you like way i dealt with BCW didn't give them time to get foot in the door
  3. Hi Maroondevo52, I will give you a heads up on what happened In July 2012 Ulster bank systems crashed in Northern Ireland Out of this crash Ulster Bank alleged I owed them money as I went overdrawn by £1,404.27 I checked what money I had taken out & found a discrepancy that was of the RBSO/Ulster bank own doing as they caused my account to go into the above debt as they failed to manage my account properly. Ulster Bank have been chasing me about this alleged debt from July 2012 saying I had taken money out of the account that did not belong to me but as
  4. After many months of faffing about from Buchannan, Clarke & Wells & threats of legal action from me Buchannan, Clarke & Wells have finally decided to drop chasing me for this alleged debt & decided to hand it back to the Original debtor . Hopefully the original debtor will stop chasing me for this alleged debt & decide to write it off
  5. I sent this to BCW lastnight think it has put frighteners on them no response yet * NOTICE TO PRODUCE * TAKE NOTICE that you are hereby required within 14 DAYS OF THIS NOTICE to produce all, letters, copies of documents in your custody, possession or power, containing any entry, relating to the matters in question the debt held in the defendants name and in particular all of the Plaintiff’s documents relating in any way to the Particulars of this matter. * AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that should you fail or neglect to produce the above documents, or any of them further legal action wil
  6. I dealt with bcw lowlifes by playing them at game by playing hardball with dont give them any chance thinking your weak i used leagal letters to bully them into submission
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