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  1. I am drafting a letter, I'm thinking I should sent it recorded to head office, and the store manager? if I send it recorded they can't claim they didnt receive it, right?
  2. Hi, I hope I'm posting in the right part! My husband & I have had an ongoing problem with a security guard in our local Asda store. My husband worked there when it opened in 2005 for a brief period, the security guard and my husband never had t work together but had a mutual, distant dislike of one another. Nothing was ever said. Cut to last June, we were going camping & my husband was buying gas for the stove, he was alone & chatting to the young girl behind the counter, looks up to see the security guard glaring at him for no reason. on his way out of the store my husband winked at him, patted his stomach and said something like "alright big boy" so the guy rounds on him and tells him hes banned. my husband left with no further exchanges. End of July, my husband, myself & our children, aged 4 & 6 go in, do a bit of shopping, only to be confronted by the same man shouting 'youre banned, you cant come in here get out i told you you were banned' he squared up to my husband, who had a child in each hand and was very aggressive, which upset my children a lot as you can imagine. we left after a few more heated words and we didnt go back until november (this store is literally round the corner from our house so its convenient for quick emergency dashes, i usually shop in sainsburys) When we entered the store on 4th november, we got about 20/30 yards into the store only to be confronted by a young, but very tall and aggressive looking, new security guard (the original one is standing behind his podium thing with his arms folded looking quite smug) so this lad, standing right over my husband says "he says youre banned, get out" so my husband tries to give me the basket and i refuse it, I'm not shopping in a store where im treated like a criminal, by a silly little boy so this lad squares up to me instead, presumably because i called him a little boy, despite the fact i was clearly pregnant at the time. I told him we were leaving, he walked so close behind us he almost took my husbands shoe off, the police were called and we left. i tried contacting the manager who couldnt be tracked down for almost a week. when we did pin him down he was evasive & hung up when i said i was recording the call for future reference. no further contact. this morning, my husband needs to buy his sisters birthday present (he forgot) he took our now 5 year old son, gets the cd, goes to chose a card & the original security guy comes over AGAIN with a female colleague and tells him hes banned, he is once again very imposing and agressive and once again upsets my son. As far as im aware to ban you for more than 2 weeks they need a notice of ban or something? I dont intend on ever going back but I wholeheartedly intend on getting an apology for being made to feel like a criminal when i want to buy some apples, and for my children being upset by a grown man whos on a power trip. I'd understand if I was shop lifting or something but we havent done anything wrong.
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