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  1. i have sent the car payment to u to see paymentscar7.pdf
  2. at the end of July 2009 if u add the payment were completed i carried on paying until 2010 - like u i thought i had to pay for 54 week- resulting in an over payment £25.000 to 28000 plus in 2011 court action requested a further £10.000 - because they said this was out standing - but this was not true ( is' nit this thief on a large scale? ) plus cost plus interesting making a end total of £50.000 i found another payment to day at the bank- when went i in for varification of my bank statements
  3. as i stated before there was payment of £1000. £ 2000 a month please see payment remember at one time there was two paying on the car there has been an over payment of over £6000 what is a box of frog?
  4. ok - the car was paid for in full in 2009 - but court action 2011 where is the banks duty of care - they the bank were to look after the calculation of the monies paid to them how can that be fair
  5. according to my bank statement totaling up means the car was paid for long before court action how can that be fair surly is not thief - surly some responsibility of care after it is a bank i never had a contract with black horse of horse
  6. it to do with both there was no out standing balance if you look at my bank payment there is not a further 1000 to be paid they have got interest and the interest all together - if correct it would be 0ver 50,0000 paid for 17,00 0 car it is about both how to go forward on top of the money paid they are claim a further 1000 and 350
  7. long story- but i did not have the car - x partner had car due arguments over money and payment towards the car - he held the car as ransom - as i had the loge book- there was stand of - he held on to the car - i ad the long book - so i just got with life - and brought another car -now one big mess ccj.pdf
  8. i have not seen the ccj it on just on my credit file i have got P O Claim is that it how do i a reclaim of interest will look through papers do not know what am looking for ok thanks
  9. ok how do i take down the information please does this mean they will come after me for money later on what does the future hold if l let thins lie
  10. mostly i need help in responding to their p o c
  11. i want help with preparing to get this judgment set aside ie wording extra how to claim back over payment plus help getting the interest charge drop and conformation of false contract. where do i start?
  12. what do i have to do ? do i put another set up or do? do have take them down? ???
  13. help has any one read through my messages i got a message is to short --but do not which one it talking about :|
  14. i have attached the document the 2 false agreement agreement and costs1.pdf agreement and cost2.pdf
  15. only just learnt off utube last November 2014 due of desperation of putting figures together
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