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  1. well I am 26 now and paying £300ish for a 1.3 suzuki, but thats after 7 yrs no claims... It's a little harsh for young drivers to pay so much, but I valued my rubbish little micra as it cost so much to insure
  2. As mentioned, any cars in the lower insurance group My first car was a nissan micra 1.3 and it cost me £700 and cost to insure £1500 and that wasn't that long ago I put my dad down as an additional driver and that helped a bit and also if you drive might be worth asking your company about multiple car discounts, I always find direct line cheapest for me personally
  3. Thanks for that Yes he has no proof he even paid for it or how much he paid We did definately sell it to him as described, hence he bought a mechanic with him and negotiated a new price He said ebay told him he had a cooling off period and advised him to go to the police which I knew as rubbish, so last I heard he is supposed to be heading to our house at the weekend, that won't get him far Thanks again for you advice guys
  4. Cheers appreciate it He doesnt have a receipt as left in a hurry without one, so I could say he paid anything and he couldn't prove different You pretty much echoed what had been said before I just wanted a different view Thanks
  5. Thanks for your input I thought this was the case but wanted to make sure, I know he can't open a case on ebay as he paid cash and not through paypal He knew of overheating before leaving and still chose to buy at a lower price, though now after numerous emails is claiming he paid asking price and didnt know of overheating until he handed over cash which are lies Thanks for your views
  6. Hi all Just looking for a little advice please Basically, a catering van we owned for 6 months we have just sold on ebay, the van was described exactly as it was how we knew it, listing any faults. We had a couple of people come and view before bidding but decided not to buy for various reasons, and eventually someone put in an offer or £2000, which we accepted. The people came to pick up the van and he claimed one of them was a mechanic, whiles testing and looking at the van is started to overheat, we we explained it did previously overheat but that issue was fixed by tak
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