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  1. Well, still no joy with the warranty company so off down other routes I go!
  2. Thanks Helios, letter back on it's way to the warranty company. Scaniaman the gearbox is not a serviceable item, nor is it scheduled for maintenance in the service plan otherwise it would have been done along with the yearly service.
  3. Thank you for the advice guys. So, what would be the best course here: Contact the warranty company again If no joy Contact the car supermarket for the mis selling of the insurance and for the vehicle not lasting a reasonable amount of time If no joy there,Look into FOS complaints and section 75?
  4. Cheers for the support Hammy (Do you work for one of these rip off merchants?) I did NOT know what I was buying otherwise I would have not have bought it and would have looked elsewhere for a warranty. How are the terms not unfair? They could probably be interpreted to say that absolutely nothing is covered as anything could be wear and tear over the service life of the vehicle, why sell a warranty for cars upto 80,000 miles? They could say anything is worn at that point. And even if parts are worn, they could be worn due to debris floating around in the gearbox oil causing wear to
  5. Just an update, received another letter from the warranty company on Saturday stating they still can not overturn the decision as wear and tear is not covered etc etc. I am going to appeal to them one more time before taking this further.
  6. Good Luck, I had problems with this company however a swift phone call sorted them out.
  7. It totally depends on the insurance company whether you get offered the chance to buy the vehicle back. Don't forget that depending on the damage to the car you may be required to get a VIC check done by the DVLA before putting it back on the road.
  8. I think it is when I reach 30, which I should have done now. Edit: Just tried to send you one Helios and apparently I can't so will have to go without the help at the minute
  9. Do they still sell the warranty plan? If so I am guessing legally they should have terms and conditions to go with it. I am sorry but as I read it, you didn't want the warranty, so cancelled it, however now you need work doing you want it again? You didn't chase up getting your money back (and should have) however the T & C may state that if you cancel your warranty you are not due to a refund after the cooling off period (if there is one). You may have some ground to stand on as you didn't receive any refund or confirmation however they obviously have it on a email that you cancelled
  10. Don't Parcel2go use various courier services (eg myhermes, tnt?) I am sure I have used them in the past and had no problems, I have however had problems with Royal Mail & City link etc, I honestly think alot of courier services are the same in most respects (useless!) and it's the luck of the draw alot of the time.
  11. Phone your network provider and ask to block the numbers, or alternatively contact the companies and tell them you are receiving messages and ask them to stop. I wouldn't be overly concerned unless you start receiving mail or phone calls regarding the loans.
  12. I suspect it is due to my low post count (which I am trying to make up by helping other caggerss, honest!) I know you guys have had a bit of a disagreement here however please do not take it out on me!
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