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  1. Hi yes they sent a letter saying they have taken on the debt, then not long after have said this. Most other companies have said this too however i have not been quick enough to send letters as is passed on a very short time after.
  2. Hi its about a year and a half old, i have no clue if its defaulted or not however my guess it has as i have received letters off nationwide through time but been unable to come to an agreement since its been through about 5-6 different companies since. Its had charges added on through time as well but no ppi.
  3. Hi all i need advice on how to tackle this 2195.00 credit card with Nationwide. It has now gone through various places and ended up at ARC Europe. They are now issuing court proceedings and i wish to send them a letter which tells them i cannot afford to pay more than £1 a month. I'm currently going to college whilst living at my mum and dads which is a pain from all the phone calls and letters. I am barely working and havnt been in receipt of JSA as i'm at college and also i struggle to get one day a week work with friends or family right now. This has been on going for probably over a year now however ive not been financially stable since. Thanks all.
  4. I talked to KPR and moorcraft ring me also as my over draft has been passed to them. I wanted to find out if capital resolve were chasing my credit card or overdraft as they are my main issues at the moment, combined about £2200. But also my mum and dad are tired of talking to them and having to pass them to me, i will try using some letter templates to craft a few letters and get them sent off asap.
  5. Hi okay i will send them this letter, the bad thing is my mum and dads house they ring, and im not in whenever they ring, my mum and dad are seriously ticked off with me and them too. I took the credit card out over a year ago, and its around £2000 so where i could not keep up with the payments they decided to default it then ask for it back before the year of 0 interest was up, the over draft is £200 and i payed £20 under a month ago which they have probably added charges too and demanded over £100 saying £20 is not enough. I would say alot of it is charges from nationwide that got it there. Initially i had a ban on an over draft then they magically took it away and let me spend money when they wasnt supposed too.
  6. Hi ive recently been having trouble with KPR due to nationwide credit card and an over draft, can someone help me with a letter to get them off my back, im fully prepared to go into a plan when im working, but as i have temporary work at the moment its hard to stick to a proper plan, however if i word it right they may be able to stop trying to send me letters with my final notice before court action. The biggest problem is facing the fact they are demanding over 100£ payments in order to wipe the collection, which i can barely afford £20 at the moment. I also have to personally go into nationwide to pay the money into my account when i have it. They ring my home non stop and constantly barrage me with letters, but they ring they ask me alot of personal stuff and demand that i pay it but i have told them i barely work but its still something. Im not asking them to cancel the debt, its just i cant magically make money appear to pay them back a reasonable amount.
  7. thanks all for your feedback, i have been talking to KPR and MOORCROFT about the debt regarding my credit card and overdraft, so thats on its way to being sorted, i do not know why these people are contacting me as i dont have any other debts, they also havnt stated anything about it. If they do come to my house i will hand them a letter. Regards Jamie.
  8. Hi i have recently received an email from a company called capital resolve. I have not had any phone calls so i don't know what it is regarding. I have a suspicion that its been passed over from Nationwide who had their own company dealing with it. I have paid money in the last month into my accounts as i said i would. But where i have temporary work and haven't made regular payments, they have passed it on. Now they have arranged their own appointment to come to my house on the 14th of January. If anyone knows who they are or what i can do about this, it would be very helpful. Thanks
  9. Hi thanks for the info, i will do this as soon as possible and let you know the result.
  10. hi thanks for the reply and useful stuff, its a payday loan from somewhere or other, the company mmf have not sent anything regarding this, they have only bombarded the phone, when my dad asnwered they were rude and insisted on talking to me, so i had no choice as its my mum and dads house and i dont want them coming as much as my parents do.
  11. Hi, this company ring me most nights, email me and call threatening an agent to come round. I am currently on jobseekers and i tried to reason with the company who wanted at least £80 a month towards a £400 bill. I live with my parents so most of my money goes to them who are also struggling. They have rung my parents house asking for me and my parents are going mad because they wont tell them who they are or what they want, only demanding that they will be visiting soon, im getting sick of this and wondering why they are allowed to book appointments to our homes without permission, and will also set deals of £80 paybacks a month to the un employed, can anyone help me with what to do as im loosing my patience. Thanks
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