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  1. I have sent a subject access request to the Staffs Morrlands today, the only trouble is that this is just an e-mail address, its not the proper form and there is no info on what to send, they have advised that they will get back to me within 20 days but I don't want to wait 20 days to find out that I then have to fill out a form and send proofs. I am going to call them this afternoon, as I though the same thing, they must have a record of what documents were submitted to them to substantiate any claim she has and therefore if there are bank statements then she has not misrepresented her c
  2. Afternoon, I am posting on behalf o my mother. First of all a brief background. 3 years ago my father died, prior to that he was in a Residential Home who cared for him due to him suffering from the latter stages of Alzheimer's. He had ben in there for around 3 years prior to his death. Whilst he was in the home my mother had 2 hip replacements also. My father was the sole wage earner, my mum had never worked as she had no need. She also never claimed benefits until my dad went into a home. All of the private pension that my dad had (around 800 per month) while he was
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