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  1. Sorry misread that before posting, the SAR does contain most information but I dont think it includes it all, eg they must have tried telephone contact more than those times stated on their contact log etc. (Sorry for the extra posts... getting late!)
  2. Yes, I have kept all the emails, I have not contacted them by phone and have only signed anything digitally (the users of this site are VERY helpful). The SAR does contain the original account numbers, as these are on the closing statement from HFC which Lowells sent me.
  3. Hi thanks, The agreement was started on 17/5/2005 and my last payment was on the 17/3/2009. I have had a statement from the lowells which looks like the closing statement from HFC dated 29/9/09. The account was for a loan for a TV. Looking at the statements a lot of the amount outstanding looks like it could be made up of charges such as administration fees and rtd direct debit fees. I will CCA HFC and see what happens. I will also send the account in dispute letter to lowell, do lowell or HFC have to send me the original agreement?
  4. Hi, I have a debt with Lowells bought from HFC Bank, for approx £290 the last payment/acknowledgement was in March 2009. Lowells bought the debt and started sending me letters and calling as they usually do. However after first reading this site I sent them an SAR in March 2014. They have dragged their feet attempting to comply with my request until today (Sunday) I received an email from them the contents below. They sent statements and other fairly useless info to me but failed to send an original CCA signed by me. They have
  5. Hi I have had some great advice from viewing previous threads with regard to getting debts I had written off from HFC and Barclaycard/Lowell by going down the SAR route, but I have a different issue which I havent been able to find anything about........ I had a flexaccount with Nationwide which I last used approx 5 years ago at least, it had an overdraft which spiralled to £902 mainly I believe made up of unauthorised overdraft charges. This debt has been sold to Aktiv Kapital who have recently started sending me letters and phoning (though at present it is only once a day - I k
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