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  1. I emailed active securities, forwarded all my own correspondence...24/7 moneybox finally replied.... 2+2=4?? Anyway, their reply.... Go forth like I done with TLS? Or give I/E?
  2. As I've said I plan to pay off pld before tackling all my debts so my current expenses/leftover money will be more than what SOA states. Sent that to TLS, and they accepted my own proposal for repayment. Still not heard from 24/7 moneybox. What do I do?
  3. Oh and confirmed from my employer, my bank details have been updated. Wages are safe!!!
  4. Done a statement of affairs. Aim to move down my lust of debts, starting with pdl first. Statement of Affairs and Personal Balance Sheet Household Information Number of adults in household........... 1 Number of children in household......... 1 Number of cars owned.................... 1 Monthly Income Details Monthly income after tax................ 1247 Partners monthly income after tax....... 0 Benefits................................ 0 Other income............................ 195 Total monthly income.................... 1442 Monthly Expense Details M
  5. Woke up to an email that RBS have gave me a current account, so shall go into work today with details. I doubt the public health service would cut me a cheque. I'll give it a bash. Although my maths isn't that great.
  6. I have worked out roughly what I can afford and then trying to arrange agreements which equal the amount I can afford with a small buffer in case some companies dig their heels in, but obviously I am still awaiting confirmation from 247 moneybox and other small debts from non pdl that I can fit in this budget. Hence why I feel I can't do a proper I/E as I genuinely currently don't know exactly how much I'll have going out each month. I applied online with my bank for a second current account but declined. Most likely for credit file purposes, going to go in branch tomorrow to try fo
  7. It may seem like I know what I'm talking about but most of my correspondence has been copy and paste from a template I found in here. I actually dont know what the legislation is, only that it has helped someone else. Obviously TLS are refusing my repayment plan which is suitable for me, because they want to see my I/E but even I don't fully know this due to giving myself a kick up the bum and sorting out my debts. The payday loans are my first ones I want to sort out, due to the fact I can't sort anything else out if I'm paying back to relend to pay my priorities. As I said before I
  8. I am now.... Response from TLS to my repayment plan. Anyone know any legislation I can throw at them?
  9. I have offered £40 x5 payments per month with full and final settlement on 6th payment of £59.99. With no I/E details. Think it's all the legislation I'm throwing at them. Will see what they say... (I'm actually amazed at how easy it's been with the loan store.....24/7 moneybox have yet to reply to first correspondence!!) Should I email Pacific Network the email also? (Moneybox mother company)
  10. Update... I emailed them back refusing to give them my personal circumstances and that I don't take kindly to pressuring me to settle in full. Their reply: Can I reply with a refusal of this offer and giving I/E and offer £51.99 over 5 month?
  11. I do though, to set up a repayment plan.... My question is how do I reply to it? Worded appropriately to ensure they accept it I'll look into changing my bank details/setting up a new account.
  12. I've had previous loans with the loan store, intact they were the first and thus the spiral started. I owe them on 31st of this month £269 Money box is £196 Myjar £120 I also have £200 flex account with quick quid but I have 1 repayment due on this on 31st of £82 and so happy to pay this and end my relationship with them and Myjar at the end of this month. *edit* (looking at the above, how did I get into this mess!!!! Crikey. What an endless circle of repaying and reloaning to survive.) No repayment plan in place with any as yet. I don't know how to wor
  13. Response from the loan store......any ideas how to respond to this. They then sent this 10 minutes afterwards Help?!
  14. Thanks for flagging my name up. Bank was easy, advisor was really helpful, I do now have an appointment with them though no doubt to try and sell me things but with my credit history I assume they won't be able to. Cancellation of the two big loan Cpa's, Myjar I can pay back and end it my 'relationship' with them this month. I don't have a printer so to ensure of a paper trail with my bank the advisor I spoke to suggested emailing customer services with my reference number and a summary of the call. No word from TLS or 24/7 money box yet. 24/7 moneybox are wee bums tho
  15. Hi folks, New to this forum. I fell into the downward spiral of payday loans in August and I now owe 3 companies money. (Myjar, the loan store and 24/7 moneybox) £700ish in total. Tonight I have emailed 2 (the loan store, 24/7 moneybox) of them thanks to a template I found on this forum, informing them of my financial difficulties, my right to cancel my CPA and wishing to do so. I have also informed them of my wish to enter a repayment plan and want all interest/fees frozen in the meantime. I've also informed them I will be contacting my bank tomorrow to cancel all CPA's, and th
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