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  1. It doesn't state anywhere that it is non-refundable, I have been through all of the correspondence. Apparently on the phone when my partner called to ask about cancellation they stated they would retain all deposits as they were non-refundable.
  2. Hi and many thanks for your reply. The hotel gave my partner no reason other than that the deposits were non refundable and would be retained by the Hotel. I was just checking through the correspondence and my partner was simply asked via email to pay a deposit of 20% to secure the rooms and an invoice was sent. We dont appear to have received a contract per say or any terms of business. As a family, we have close to £1,000 in deposit with them due to the sheer number of rooms booked so it would be quite a hit. Would you think there is a way of getting it back directly from
  3. Hi This is my first time posting here and would be grateful for any help and advice which could be provided. I am due to get married in a coupe of months at a venue which is a National Heritage Trust building, for which we paid a 20% deposit around February this year after seeing the venue and agreeing terms with the company which run events at the venue. Around late September we found out by chance, whilst looking for a wedding florist, that the roof at the venue was deemed structurally unsound and is presently being propped up by scaffolding, including some in the room where
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