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  1. Hi I had fell behind on my council tax a good few years back, however I had arranged a payment plan with Debt collector for the council and was paying it as agreed. Whilst I was on holiday a payment came out of my bank that I wasn't expecting and this meant my agreement with the debt collectors wasn't paid and they cancelled the agreement, I didn't know this had happened until a week or so later when I arrived back in UK and had a earnings arrestment waiting on me. To be honest I was relieved and this meant paying my debt off quicker that it would have been. That was back in July and 3 payments have now been taken from my wages. I am now moving job into a small family firm and don't want them to be aware of the arrestment. I am more than willing to pay what I have been paying through the arrestment or possibly a bit more but is there anyway around paying it direct and not through your employer? Sorry for the load of info this is my first post! Many thanks Dee
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