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  1. i got case , i got case dont let anyone tell u different i got case.
  2. Aaaaaaand another question for you people. How much does it cost per day for employers lawyer at tribunal roughly , would like to estimate what i may be responsible for paying
  3. And the other thing i perhaps should mention . So they would rather pay for lawyer fees for going to tribunal rather than settle before? I take it any settlement during a tribunal is just because they realize there going to lose ie the tone of the judge , sounds a bit desperate.
  4. Yes but what if they offer and its like half way threw the case and im winning so refuse any settlement .......... and they then offer like 500 pound more than judge would . So then i end up not only losing compo but also i am responsible for their cost.. wat da hell for real?
  5. One day before the tribunal seems a bit late in the day. Would i have to make a decision on it?
  6. My works solicitor has offered 500 to settle case yeh right! i have asked for 20k! haha anyway hes not budging ....... tribunal is in one weeks time can they wait until the last day to settle? surely the court will blast them for the amount of work they put in just for there solicitor to "wait" knowing fine well they wanted to settle. Can they wait until the last day?
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