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  1. Hi. Fodder misunderstood. I've only received a fine letter demanding the sum. I've written to DVLA saying I had set up DD and it's their fault. Not yet heard back but it'll be useful if there's any advice/expectation of my challenging them?
  2. I set up DD with DVLA 2015. DVLA confirmed DD was set up and supplied a letter saying so. Thinking my car was taxed, and having comfort DVLA would take payments as needed, DVLA has not requested/taken payment. Car was not, therefore, taxed. I discovered this with a lovely man put a wheel clamp on my car, with £260 release fee (£160 later refunded once taxed) but then 2 weeks later, letter from DVLA with fine of £216. Replied to DVLA fine letter saying it's their fault. The DD letter from DVLA in 2015 says exactly 'you do not have to do anything'. I am fuming.
  3. I set up DD with DVLA 2015. Although DVLA confirmed in a letter DD was set up, DVLA has never requested payment from my bank. Thinking my car was taxed, and having assurance DVLA would take payment, DVLA has not requested/taken payment. Car wasn't therefore taxed, and discovered a wheel clamp on my car and fined £216. Currently replying to DVLA saying it's their fault. Why? Because the DD wording from DVLA says exactly 'you do not have to do anything'. Fuming.
  4. soz, SAR request was to : Canada Square Operations Citigroup Centre 33 Canada Square
  5. Thanks for being so responsive DX. You'll recognise that I just want to ensure any reclaim I make to Citibank (now handling Egg loans) is tight to ensure I get the refund. I've requested a SAR from Citibank - it's 30days in but I've not yet had a response (nor have they cashed my £10 cheque). Note that as well as the paperwork I have for the 2 loans which I took out in 2001 and 2002 ( which do state I took PPI on them) I've looked at my Experian credit file and it has an entry suggesting a 3rd loan (80 payments of £100) - however, I do not have that paper
  6. Hi Yes-loan agreements paperwork for both loans and in it says: 1st loan PPI amount £500 (for 30 instalments loan) 2nd loan PPI amount £1300 (for 40 instalments loan) It doesn't say how I applied for the loan not how I choose/forced PPI. It just says in the legal bit 'this is the premium to the insurers for the protection you have chosen...' I think the initial loan was an online application, but don't know. Help!!
  7. Hi all - whether it was online (with an opt-out box, or pre-ticked opt-in box or both opt-in and opt-out boxes were both unselected). I've that problem - I've had 2 loans and I think the original was applied for online (remember egg.com being an online organisation so think it was online in 2001/2002. Any help on how Egg applied PPI around 2001 would be really helpful. Thanks,
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