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  1. Contacted Lowell who was originally chasing and they have said they have already removed the default. They asked for a screenshot of my credit report which I sent. (Below is what I sent them which it currently shows in my report) Creation Consumer Finance Ltd Account number: ****5761 Name: XXXXXXXXXXXX Account address: XXXXXXXXXXXX Date of birth: XXXXXXXXXXXX Account type: Credit Sale Account status: Settled Date last updated: 01/09/2014 Account opened: 21/04/2007 Account opening balance: £1148 Regular Payment Amount: £29 Repayment frequency: Monthly Settlement dat
  2. So I did (it has been a while, totally forgot about that SAR). I've fired them off an email, i'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for your help, it's much appreciated!
  3. So I need to drop an email to Creation and ask them to provide the details of the account or just the default date? On my credit file it is still under Creation but last time it was Lowell chasing it, so would I send this onto Lowell or ask Creation to sort it? Would there be any commupence for me contacting them would you think? Cheers
  4. Yes but it should be earlier, this would be another 15 months on what it should be which is a bit of a hassle seeing as I'm also needing a new car soon. I'm adamant it is wrong so is there anything I should do?
  5. On the report it says 2011 yes but i'm sure it is earlier than that! Currently i'm unsure as to what to do, i'm eager to start rebuilding my credit so I can buy a house when the time comes but i'm not sure how much this one is affecting my report. Does settled have any baring on it? I'm hesitant to poke the dog so to speak.
  6. Sorry to bump an old thread but it seems apt seeing as it's about the same account. I've been looking at my credit file and it still seems to have this account on it set as settled, will this be on my report 6 years from that date? (They closed the account as they couldn't find my original credit agreement, will this affect my file for years to come?) Creation Consumer Finance Ltd Account number: xxxxxxxxxxxxx Name: xxxxxxxxxxxxx Account address: xxxxxxxxxxxxx Date of birth: xxxxxxxxxxxxx Account type: Credit Sale Account status: Settled Date
  7. Thanks for your advice. I was planning on just waiting it out I just wanted to make sure I was taking the best course of action. I guess if it does say bank and they're offering partial settlement they realise something is up. If they start getting more aggressive then I may take it down the CCA route but until then i'll refrain from kicking the hornets nest. Cheers!
  8. Sorry, I got them mixed up, it seems it wasn't for a sofa but for a TV when I lived with the ex. Was originally Clydesdale financial services which I think then got taken over by Barclays (from Richer Sounds), I've only ever had 1 cash loan though which I fully paid off (and it's on my report too) so it's definitely for goods. They have sent letters but nothing overly aggressive, the last one I think was them saying they could come up with a part settlement but I'd have to call them (which I didn't). I'm more just eager to get them all c
  9. Hi, I'm finally down to the 1 debt after my CCJ officially got removed from my profile this morning (Hurrah), however I now just have the 1 debt left which I'd like a bit of help regarding. Below is the entry in my credit report, I'm unsure as to what to do with it. CapQuest Investments Ltd Account type: Bank Account status: Default Date last updated: 09/01/2015 Account opened: 01/02/2007 Account opening balance: £932 Repayment frequency: Monthly Default date: 30/11/2009 Original default balance: £932 Now it look
  10. So i'm still waiting for them to get this taken off my credit report, I contacted them and they've asked for me to send them a screenshot of my credit report. Is it safe to do so?
  11. So it seems like they still haven't updated my credit report so I contacted them in regards to it. The request I had from them was "With regards to the Creation Consumer Finance account I can see documentation has being requested which can take a couple of days to reach.", I advised that I had requested the CCA and they had been unable to provide it and that they've advised they're going to close the account (I also said I didn't acknowledge the debt). They've replied with this. "Thank you for your resposne. As you have advised you received a letter sayi
  12. I finally got a reply saying they have been unable to find my original credit agreement for this account and that they are closing my account. Is there anything I should be doing now or is that it?
  13. I haven't been paying them anyway. I guess I should see what they say/do next although I have a feeling I could be waiting forever. Once this is sorted out i'll then try and get the default date rectified before paying any monies to them. Cheers!
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