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  1. They say they have sent me 2 letters, but I have not had any. they have also promised me a phonecall on 6 separate occasions, and again nothing. Unbelievable!!!
  2. my latest reply from letusknow team Hi Martin, Thank you for getting in touch. I am sorry to hear that you are not happy with the repair being carried out by our engineers at our Repair Centre. If the damage of a product remains unexplained then the case is often referred to our Head Office for investigation. I understand that it has now been agreed that we will continue to carry out the repair on your laptop. You will be contacted once this is completed and the laptop will be returned. I appreciate that the repair has taken longer than 21 days to repair, although if an
  3. Day 40, still no response from emails or calls. Head office have told me they have sent a letter out twice, but none have been received. The saga continues.....
  4. The worse thing about it now is fact they still have it, but the damage they are waiting to deal with is damage they did themselves.
  5. Lol, I had it on the table, but moved it onto the windowsill to clean the table, it fell inside onto laminate flooring. The damage was not huge, it was just cracked on one corner. The damage to the laminate was probably worse.
  6. I pointed the 21 day issue out with them, and they just turned round and said the T&C just say you can request a replacement, it does not mean you are going to get one. CAB and trading standards are my next port of call
  7. So the latest [problem] from the fantastic team at Currys PC World Knowhow. I phoned the team on 17th September. Told them that my cat had knocked my laptop out of the windowsill and damged one corner resulting in a dead HDMI port and audio wasn't working. I was told to take it into store and it would take around 5 days. I took it to the store, told the guy there same thing and he checked the damage and said it would be no problem. I then left it til 20th and called the team to see what progress was being made. They told me it had not been picked up and was not goi
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