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  1. Thanks for your advice!! Well they still haven't complied with section 7 as they are still yet to send me everything, however, I will probably be given this when myself and the Respondent's advisors swap documents. It is incredibly frustrating, I don't understand how legislation can be breached so blatantly, yet nothing can actually be enforced. I feel there MUST be something else I can do, I mean they have tampered with evidence relating to legal (civil) proceedings...Also, by damages, would it not stand that they have attempted to rob me of my right to a fair employment tribunal a
  2. Thanks for your reply! Well I've already made a further complaint to the ICO, however they have said they do have quite a back log at the moment, so I can expect a wait for someone to address the issue! I understand that the ET wouldnt have jurisdiction over the DPA, but a County Court would, wouldn't they?
  3. Hello there! I'm new to this forum and would really appreciate some advice as I have exhausted Google/CAB! My ex employer is a massive public sector organisation. I am currently in the process of taking them to the Employment Tribunal. I won't go into too much detail about that for now as I think I've got it all in hand. Anywho, I made a SAR to my ex employer back in July for some of my HR record as it was necessary for my ET case. After a seven week delay (thats seven weeks AFTER the 40 day time limit) I finally received some of the information I had requested. I believe my co
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