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  1. Name of the Claimant ? Arrow global limited Date of issue – 5/05/17 What is the claim for – 1. Failed to pay orange for a mobile phone contract What is the value of the claim? Amount claimed: 373.67 * Is the claim for a current (Overdraft) or credit card /loan or catalogue or mobile phone account? Mobile phone contract When did you enter into the original agreement before or after 2007? Before i believe Has the claim been issued by the original creditor or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim. arrows W
  2. Yes it's arrow global limited on behalf of orange that registered the claim apperently. Does she reply to the claim?
  3. Hi, I'm just looking for advise for my sister she has received a county court claim regarding an old orange debt, now i think it will be the case of statue barred as the last payment she made was over 10yrs ago, my question is does she reply to the claim saying it's statue barred or does she ignore? Thank you
  4. Take a look at this hope it helps http://www.scottishpower.co.uk/customer-services/bills-payments/payments/helping-you-pay-your-bill/help-and-advice/hardship-fund
  5. Your in leicester too mr p. Ive had letters for the last 2years and no one has ever been
  6. maybe it's just not gone in bank yet when I was on it sometimes didn't come into the bank till 7/8
  7. You will probably still receive the hb as they normally send it about 3 days before and then the bank clears it. Also I think once you sign on they press a button to trigger the payment as that takes a few days to clear as well.
  8. Hi my husband applied for an extension of stay using application flr fp on the grounds of having a British partner he received a letter yesterday saying: thank you for you application to stay in the uk, your application has issues relating to the European convention of human rights therefore it falls outside our normal service standards we will make a decision as quickly as possible. I just wondered what it means falls outside our normal service standards. Will it take longer than normal to get a decision? Thanks
  9. Hi my mums on income support and carers allowance as she looks after her disabled granddaughter, her advisor from the job centre called her yesterday saying she wants mum to do work experience , does she have to do this ?
  10. hi just a quick question do i have to add up and put esa/jsa/housing benefit in total income for the tax credit renewal? thanks
  11. Did the landlady protect the deposit via tenancy deposit scheme, you can check if they did by checking the deposit schemes through the gov website just search tenancy deposit scheme on google it is a legal requirement from April 2007 that they have to protect it if not you can take them to court and get the deposit back and compensation, on the other hand If they did protect it you can place a sort of appeal through the scheme and they will decide if you can get it back.
  12. hi kittynour I don't think he will turn up tonight as there's rules regarding when they can come and enforce which they can only enforce between 6am-9pm if they come outside these hours and take goods you can apply to the court to get them back, if I understand correctly.
  13. hi a couple of days ago I moved out a rented property that I lived in for 3 years and was on a periodic tenancy and I haven't received my deposit back and the landlords agents said I will get it back once the landlord has inspected the property but they didn't say when, is there a time scale that they have to pay it back by? thank you
  14. hi thanks for your replies it is dw fitness club in leicester, and I don't know about mgt co being involved.
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