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  1. Conclusion.... Good news. After a few reminders on my part the centre's manager finally got hold of Civil Enforcement to ask them to cancel the fine, which they apparently did (I have nothing from Civil Enforcement about that, just the centre's manager's email today saying they have cancelled it). So thanks everyone for your wonderful advice!
  2. I tried contacting the person who interviewed me with no luck, so left a message for her. Today I literally went to the centre itself (being careful to park elsewhere lol) and spoke to the duty manager. She said that my message had been passed on to her with a note asking her to contact the parking people and say I had a right to park. She said she will do this on Monday, so hopefully it will get sorted. Even so, should I prepare a POPLA appeal just in case? According to Civil Enforcement I have until Tuesday to launch the appeal (not sure if they mean midnight Monday or any time Tuesday), and since there's no guarantee that the manager's efforts won't fall on deaf ears, or even that she will contact them, maybe I should launch an appeal regardless?
  3. No, I didn't get the job despite being the most qualified. Perhaps a case of 'wh'o one knows, not' wha't. I shall contact management, as advised, and let you know the outcome. Thanks all.
  4. 1 Date of the infringement 16/05/2019 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] The date of the original Notice to Driver/PCN was 21/05/2019. Note that this was sent to my partner, then we sent the appeal saying it was my job interview (I’m aware now that we shouldn’t have named a name, whoops). The issue date of the new Notice to Driver/PCN is 11/06/2019. 3 Date received Unsure because we have just come back from seeing family, so opened it yesterday (3rd). 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [Y/N?] I don’t see “2012” written anywhere, so will post the back of the PCN after uploading this (front page already posted, along with Response to Representation letter) 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? They have a picture of the car coming in and going out, as seen on the PCN. I will post the signage after uploading this. 6 Have you appealed? [Y/N?] post up your appeal] Yes. In the first instance we sent this… “Appealing PCN Number: 1968837105 During the time that my car was parked in the Watersports Centre’s parking lot I was at a job interview in that centre. Here is a copy of the email sent me following my application: XXXX I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected for an interview for the above mentioned post. The interview details are as follows: Date: Thursday 16th May 2019 At: Helly Hansen Watersports Centre Time: Interview task 3.30pm followed by interview @ 4.00pm Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the interview task, the interview will be approx. 45 minutes long. If you are unable to attend this interview, please contact me immediately. Kind regards, XXXX Management Support Officer to Mark Chew – Director of Leisure Garry Bateman – Head of Sport When arriving at the centre I read the sign that was next to the barrier, which reads: SALFORD WATERSPORTS CENTRE For Centre Users Only Vehicles left at owners risk Leisure in Salford Given I was a centre user, this sign gave me permission to park. Apparently there are other signs with different messages on, which I didn’t read because there should be no ambiguity with signage, and having gone back to look I see that there are three different signs with different information on. As a consumer when there are conflicting signs then you are entitled to use the most advantageous to you. More to the point, I did double check inside the building that I was okay to park there and was told yes. Nobody mentioned, as I have since learned, that one has to sign an iPad. Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up Yes. They sent a fresh PCN with my name on it, and also a Response to Representation, which I have posted. 7 Who is the parking company? Civl Enforcement Ltd 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] Helly Hansen Water Sports Centre, The Quays, Salford, M50 3SQ For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. It says can appeal to POPLA
  5. Thought it a bit strange, hence why i didn't fill it out before. Sorry about that. Can someone remove it please, and this come to think of it, too much clogging up if not.
  6. "Is this car park just for the water sports people or are there other businesses that use the same one?" I'm unsure but the water sports comes under 'Salford Community Leisure' and the job I was applying for was with Salford Community Leisure.
  7. How do I delete the photo (so that I can resend with references covered)? The address of the water sports place is on the PCN, here...
  8. I had a job interview at a Water Sports Centre and parked on their car park. The sign on entering said “For Centre Users Only” and had no information beyond that so I never bothered digesting any other signs (given one expects no ambiguity on signage) although on another I noticed another sign with big letters saying “WATERSPORTS CENTRE CUSTOMER PARKING ONLY” but didn’t read the smaller letters underneath (which I subsequently have) which read “You must obtain a parking permit at reception” and then smaller letters saying you will be subject to a fine if not. I did ask inside if it was okay to park there and was told “Yes, as long as you are a centre user”, but nothing about getting a permit. Not long after I received a PCN from Civil Enforcement Ltd. I rang the receptionist of the company I had an interview with, who said I should have signed an iPad at the time (thanks for not mentioning it) and added that we had to deal directly with Civil Enforcement Ltd. So I appealed online, saying I was a centre user because I was having a job interview there, and that as far as I was aware, as a consumer when there are conflicting signs you are entitled to use the most advantageous to you, which in my case would be the sign on entry that had no mention of a fine or getting a permit. I’ve received a letter back, which I have attached. Any feedback would be great, thanks.
  9. Purely out of curiosity, if I don't pay and go to court will the fine be more if i'm found guilty?
  10. Thank you for your responses. Can I ask them to send proof that I was on that street? And would it make no difference anyway, since even if I wasn't on that street I evidently hadn't taxed it on the day in question?
  11. I bought a secondhand car, insured it via telephone before driving it but then drove it the short distance home to get it taxed on my PC. Due to events not worth going into, I didn't get chance to tax it until a couple of days later (so left it in a garage), which I did. even so, I've now got a DVLA fine for the car "being used or kept while untaxed in XXXXX Street". Would I be correct in assuming that there is no fighting this one, that that's it, i'll just have to pay up because I hadn't yet taxed it on the date in question (although ironically the tax is backdated to the start of the month when you pay it)? Note also that I'm convinced I never went anywhere near the particular street in which they say I was spotted!
  12. So sorry I didn't reply earlier. They have now paid out.
  13. Can anyone tell me how the no claims works. The insurance company said "You will lose five years if you claim, so your nine years will be down to four." I paid for the insurance through the Internet, and to the best of my memory it only offered up to nine years in the tick box. There are, however, some comparison sites that allow you to go up to over thirty years. I have been getting insurance with no claims for thirty years, so if my present company send documentation through that says I'm entitled to only four years no claims, how do I go about proving my claims should be (30 - 5) 25 years not four?
  14. king12345;5175074" Your "I can't see the insurance company refusing to terminate the policy of a stolen vehicle whether you claim or not" is contrary to sgtbush's "you can cancel the policy and pay the cancellation fee if you don't claim." Both can't be right. any thoughts anyone?
  15. It was definitely stolen. I know the old owner and she's the most honest law-abiding person I know and is horrified that it was stolen.
  16. Just into the New Year I obtained a second car for the wife. It was a 2004 mitsubishi carisma DID. Although it had 141K on the clock it was in immaculate condition and had a FSH. It was cheaper for me to change my single-car policy to duel-car than she take out insurance separately, so that's what I did. A week ago Thursday someone decided to steal it. I rang the police, who asked if there was any cctv. I told them where they could find it, and left it at that. I rang back a couple of days later to find out if there was any progress, only to be told that they weren't actually going to go around to these cctv owners without my first asking the owners to scroll through and see if they could spot the baddie's registration or face. Fair enough, but why not tell me this as the time of the initial call rather than 48 hours later? Since then I've discovered from one of the cctv owners that it was taken away on a white ford low-loader, the other owners are shop/pub people who said they would give information if the police go around but not deal with me directly. In short, I can't see me getting back the car. So to the insurance. How does this work? I've informed them of the theft but said I wanted to see how things played out in terms of getting back the car before I put in a claim. But I'm not sure it is even worth claiming for. I valued the car at £700, but the insurance people might not think it is worth it. Do they have to pay out what you valued the car at? Also, I'm liable for the first £400, so even if they did pay out on my valuation, I would only be getting back £300 - okay if that's all you can get back, but how much would I lose in no claims? Additionally, since I'm paying monthly, if they do pay out will I be obliged to finish paying off all the payments? If so, it definitely wouldn't be worth claiming if i can instead simply revert to paying only for one car instead (currently i'm paying £84 a month for two cars, it was £38 a month for just the one), but then again, would I be allowed to change payments if i don't claim, and could I also stop the payments on the breakdown coverage? Thanks in advance.
  17. Regarding this same incident, today we received a letter from the police saying the wife is alleged to have committed the following: Driving without due care and attention, Failing to stop, and failing to report a collision. Questions: 1) I've read somewhere that they should have sent this with 14 days of the prang, is this true? 2) If this goes to court can you ask them to change the given date if it coincides with a holiday you have already paid for? 3) What sort of points/action will be given/taken if she is found guilty of driving without due care and attention? (or indeed the other two) Thanks in advance.
  18. It is definitely our insurance company.
  19. My wife confessed to me today that she had been in prang last Thursday, and now our insurance company have emailed saying: “We’ve been told that your vehicle was involved in an incident on 13 December 2018. At the moment we have the following information about the incident: Location Description: xxxxx. Your Vehicle: xxxx. We have tried to call you to clarify these allegations but we have been unable to reach you. We need you to call us on xxxxx. It is important that we speak to you urgently. If we don’t hear from you within the next 5 days and the information provided to us by the third party suggests the involvement of your vehicle, we will accept responsibility for the incident and settle any third party claim.” She says they both stopped and checked their cars. His door was caved in but she had no damaged, and since he admitted it was his fault, she went on her way. Whilst she is sticking to her story, I have the tiniest nagging doubt, because we have been arguing a lot over our lack of money and I wonder if she’s defending from the huge cash impact of going from 20 years no claims bonus to zero. I therefore wonder if it was more 50-50, or indeed her fault completely, and she just drove off hoping he wouldn’t have time to take our registration number. Questions: If we contact the insurance company to say ‘yes, she was involved, but it was the other guy’s fault’, what happens next – do they just decide it’s his word against hers and leave it at that, or is there a massive instigation? Suppose there is cctv that goes in his favour, does that mean she will be fined by the courts if her story is wildly different? If the case goes in his favour, which is cheapest/best method of paying for his damage: taking out a loan or doing it through the insurance and losing your no claims (if indeed you are allowed to choose?)
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