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  1. UPDATE & HAPPY ENDING. The bank (RBS) told me they would do a chargeback if I had proof from Amazon that I'd been frauded. I thus harassed Amazon enough so that their 'specialist team' would get their backsides in gear, eventually I received an email saying I "may" have been Defrauded, and that I needed to contact the bank to tell them of the email - and that the bank would ask me to fill in several forms, which never happened. I just rang RBS again (yesterday) to tell them of the email, and (surprisingly) they accepted over the phone that I had thi
  2. Thanks. Do I go to the bank and ask for this, or is this something I have to apply for outside the bank?
  3. No, definitely not, I'm always very careful with stuff like that. To the point that I'm very surprised this has happened. Thanks for responding.
  4. I opened emails from Amazon on Saturday 4th July that said I'd bought three items with two marketplace sellers, which would cost me a total of over £700. The most I've ever spent is significantly less than £100. I checked my Amazon orders page, and these items were not in there. I checked my bank account which said these items were "pending". So I contacted Amazon and chatted (words, not a call) with 'Miss A'. She said "i am seeing here the Suspicious transaction and here is what i am going to do. I will submit this Form to our Billing Team so that they can start an Investigation a
  5. Argh. I no sooner sort out a parking problem when back I come for an alleged driving offence, received today. I'm confused, though, because.. (a) The location they give for the offence - there is no camera at that point. (b) They are a bit ambiguous with whether it's a speeding offence only or also a red light offence, as the NoI says "This vehicle's speed was recorded at (or seconds into red if traffic light offence): Speed 40mph" Should I in the first instance just ask for a photo? (Whilst I am the main driver of the car, my partner occasionally drives it,
  6. Conclusion.... Good news. After a few reminders on my part the centre's manager finally got hold of Civil Enforcement to ask them to cancel the fine, which they apparently did (I have nothing from Civil Enforcement about that, just the centre's manager's email today saying they have cancelled it). So thanks everyone for your wonderful advice!
  7. I tried contacting the person who interviewed me with no luck, so left a message for her. Today I literally went to the centre itself (being careful to park elsewhere lol) and spoke to the duty manager. She said that my message had been passed on to her with a note asking her to contact the parking people and say I had a right to park. She said she will do this on Monday, so hopefully it will get sorted. Even so, should I prepare a POPLA appeal just in case? According to Civil Enforcement I have until Tuesday to launch the appeal (not sure if they mean midnigh
  8. No, I didn't get the job despite being the most qualified. Perhaps a case of 'wh'o one knows, not' wha't. I shall contact management, as advised, and let you know the outcome. Thanks all.
  9. "Is this car park just for the water sports people or are there other businesses that use the same one?" I'm unsure but the water sports comes under 'Salford Community Leisure' and the job I was applying for was with Salford Community Leisure. car parking.pdf
  10. I had a job interview at a Water Sports Centre and parked on their car park. The sign on entering said “For Centre Users Only” and had no information beyond that so I never bothered digesting any other signs (given one expects no ambiguity on signage) although on another I noticed another sign with big letters saying “WATERSPORTS CENTRE CUSTOMER PARKING ONLY” but didn’t read the smaller letters underneath (which I subsequently have) which read “You must obtain a parking permit at reception” and then smaller letters saying you will be subject to a fine if not. I did ask
  11. Purely out of curiosity, if I don't pay and go to court will the fine be more if i'm found guilty?
  12. Thank you for your responses. Can I ask them to send proof that I was on that street? And would it make no difference anyway, since even if I wasn't on that street I evidently hadn't taxed it on the day in question?
  13. I bought a secondhand car, insured it via telephone before driving it but then drove it the short distance home to get it taxed on my PC. Due to events not worth going into, I didn't get chance to tax it until a couple of days later (so left it in a garage), which I did. even so, I've now got a DVLA fine for the car "being used or kept while untaxed in XXXXX Street". Would I be correct in assuming that there is no fighting this one, that that's it, i'll just have to pay up because I hadn't yet taxed it on the date in question (although ironically the
  14. So sorry I didn't reply earlier. They have now paid out.
  15. Can anyone tell me how the no claims works. The insurance company said "You will lose five years if you claim, so your nine years will be down to four." I paid for the insurance through the Internet, and to the best of my memory it only offered up to nine years in the tick box. There are, however, some comparison sites that allow you to go up to over thirty years. I have been getting insurance with no claims for thirty years, so if my present company send documentation through that says I'm entitled to only four years no claims, how do I go about proving my claims should be (30 - 5) 25 years n
  16. king12345;5175074" Your "I can't see the insurance company refusing to terminate the policy of a stolen vehicle whether you claim or not" is contrary to sgtbush's "you can cancel the policy and pay the cancellation fee if you don't claim." Both can't be right. any thoughts anyone?
  17. It was definitely stolen. I know the old owner and she's the most honest law-abiding person I know and is horrified that it was stolen.
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