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  1. Update: I've realised this is a good money-making scheme for Glasgow City Council. I decided to just pay the damn £90 and be done with, so I went through the online payment process and took screenshots. You get the usual popup of validating your bank card, and then a final screen saying 'Your bill payment request has been accepted'. Later on it says 'Please note that this is not a receipt as the transaction has not yet been approved by your bank.' But the payment is never taken. Basically, there is no way to pay online, and poor suckers like me are then hit with much higher charg
  2. Hi, apologies if this is the wrong forum, but.... I got caught driving in a bus lane in Glasgow - hadn't even noticed it was one - and got sent a Fixed Penalty Notice of £60, reduced to £30 if I paid within 28 days. I went online and paid it. Or at least thought I had. The transaction looked complete, there were nothing to suggest that it had failed. I have sufficient funds to pay. You can guess the rest - I later received a letter saying that I hadn't paid, and that the fine had been increased to £90. I appealed, explaining that it was their system that had failed to tak
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